March 10, 2017

Blog: Shining a Light on Julio Le Parc's Creative Process

In this short interview with Julio Le Parc, the artist gives a brief explanation on his creative process as well as the usage of light in his work. 

There are only a few days left to explore Julio Le Parc: Form into Action, a retrospective of the artist's work, before the exhibition closes on March 19, 2017. 

Comprised of more than 100 works, including large-scale installations and rarely seen works on paper and archival material, the exhibition delves into the artist’s groundbreaking innovations in the fields of light, movement and perception, developed over the course of an almost sixty-year career. Form into Action examines the breadth of Le Parc's interests and methodologies, focusing primarily on his investigation into notions of spectator-ship and his continuous quest to engage and empower viewers. Works shown will come from numerous public institutions and private collections from Europe, Latin America and the United States

Since the beginning, it was always about

Finding one way or the other, To get closer to the viewer.

Try to conquer him, to get him to participate in the most active manner

And that’s why the collection of works here at PAMM can create that relationship.

The experimentation with light – it was not that I decided From one day to the next to work with light

But rather, little by little light appeared to be

An element that could multiply the amount of Variations and power in a small space.