Calendar: O, Miami Poetry Festival Presents: Omni-ZonaFranca

Event Description

Join Omni-ZonaFranca, a multi-disciplinary collective of street artists from Cuba for Buscando El Sol Perdido/Searching for the Lost Sun, an afternoon of poetry, performance and interactive mural creation. Also join PAMM Free Second Saturdays Presented by Target for family related activities. 


Photo credit: Ishmahil Blagrove
Photo by Ishmahil Blagrove

1:00 pm
Location: Entrance Door of PAMM
Ritual: Collective pilgrimage to the Labyrinth of the Lost Sol.

1:15 pm
Location: Artwork - Labyrinth of the Lost Sun
Ritual Performance: Music, singing live, interactive dance and theater for the whole family. Walking the labyrinth for the joy and the inner unit, and to awaken the lost sun.

1: 45 pm
Location: Mural del Sol - Giant Mural to write, paint, draw, drawing our dreams, desires, hopes, ideas, cheers for the family unit. Music, dance, photography, playful space for collective intervention. For people of all ages.

3:00 pm
Location: Looking for the Lost Sun


Omni-ZonaFranca is a multi-disciplinary collective of street-artists from Cuba. Their work is a unique blend of performance, music, poetry, spoken word, rap, visual art, graffiti, video, and public art. Together since 1997, they have produced several music/poetry CDs and videos, including the groundbreaking CD Alamar Express. They produce an annual music, art, theater and poetry festival called "Poesía Sin Fin" in Cuba. They have taken part in the Havana Biennial, and many international exhibitions and festivals throughout Cuba, the United States and Europe. The group has been the subject of three documentaries and the recipient of many residencies including: Art Residency at the A-I-R Laboratory Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw; Art Residency AS220/The MaMa Experimental Theater, Brown University; and the Art Residency at Glasshouse Gallery, Williamsburg, New York. 

Artists Amaury Pacheco OmniPoeta, Nilo Julián Gonzalez AcetatoProducciones and Luis Eligio D Omni will be at PAMM for the event. 

“Omni-ZonaFranca does not allow us to avoid passing judgment, which can range from common insults like “eccentric” to the quiet admiration of their 'rebelliousness.' Just what they are, they themselves cannot define. For them, it is simply enough to “create spaces for growth…” - Yoani Sánchez (blogger, activist)