Calendar: Opening Celebration for "Caribbean: Crossroads of the World" with Akuzuru

Event Description

Celebrate the opening of Caribbean: Crossroads of the World with a performance by Akuzuru and a waterfront bar on the terrace with music by DJ Majestic. Plan ahead for the Corporate Run in Brickell by visiting

'“TRANCE-FORMATIONS: Doucement……l’Eau por L’ORI”
7–8pm: Performance by Akuzuru: Ak-t 1 Body Aphorisms
The Trinidadian artist’s first live performance in the U.S. will debut an interdisciplinary work in two ak-ts over two days evoking themes of fertility and interconnectivity. This complex work will involve several choreographed elements, including movement and sound, outside and within the museum. Akuzuru will perform Ak-t 2 The Knowing on Friday, April 25, 4:30-5:30pm.  

This new work embarks on a conversation, which straddles parallel spiritual and spatial dimensions and, “the contemporaneous gestures of the human and vast planetary being-scapes.” The ORI of the title, which literally means- head in the ancient Yoruba language is the metaphysical orientation of one's destiny through spiritual, intuitive, vigor. ORI is acknowledged throughout the Caribbean Diaspora within the practices of the Orisa, Santeria, Candomble and Voudoun spiritual traditions.

Employing a kind of magical realism in her expanded “ak-tion environments,” various spaces throughout the museum, will be utilized as blank pages of a book where dots rather than words, blot the pages through an abstract structural narrative. Ak-t 1 Body Aphorisms will involve an intense outdoor procession of horses, dancers and the audience followed by interventions in several specific sites inside of the museum. The second day’s Ak-t 2 The Knowing will continue with dancers entering the museum where further ak-tions will take place.

The artist asserts that: ‘Trance’ connotes the electro-sensory firing within the corporeal that triggers the memory space, ak-tivating the potential exchange of ‘knowing,” unveiling one’s ORI within the conscient-sphere…… a mind-expansion endeavor, whereby, ORI- Projection establishes one’s reach along one’s meta-journey of advancement.’

Akuzuru biography

Born in Trinidad and Tobago’s capital Port of Spain, in the Caribbean archipelago, Akuzuru has become known for her multi-genre works, including her many performances which have been shown internationally in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Europe.  In addition to her BA in Fashion and MA in Textiles, her broad artistic education has included formative studies in classical music,  various genres of steel pan orchestral music, and classical and contemporary dance.   Her many involvements in the famous multi-layered performance traditions of the Trinidad Carnival as well as the Nottinghill Carnival in the UK have been vital to her emphasis on procession as a profound and dynamic art form. A multi-disciplinary artist, she calls her conceptually and physically intense interactive presentations, “Experiential Art Productions.” She is interested in ak-tivating energy processes through visceral situations that may take the form of environmental and sculptural installations, performance, tableau-vivant compositions, concept clothing, drawings and esoteric writings.

Traffic avisory

All streets to the museum will be open on Thursday, April 24, for the opening celebration of Caribbean: Crossroads of the World, 6-9pm. However, please be aware of street closures south of the museum beginning at North 5th St. due to the Corporate Run (PAMM is on North 11th St). Please plan your trip accordingly. View map

Parking/Getting here

PAMM will have on-site valet and self-parking. Special event overflow parking on Thursday, April 24 will be available for $15 (with validation) for four hours at the Omni Garage on North 15 St. between Biscayne Blvd. and N Bayshore Dr. (walk four blocks, or take Metromover one stop from Arsht Station). PAMM also has a direct stop on the free Metromover at Museum Park station (