Calendar: ART + HACK + DATA: Day 1 at PAMM

Event Description

Join us for ART+HACK+DATA; MIAMI MEDIA ART WEEKEND, a weekend-long social artistry event driven by technology. New media creators and tech-enthusiasts will come together to discuss issues in the digital environment and work with participants to find their own means of creative expression. Panels at PAMM will be followed by workshops at Bakehouse Art Complex.


The goal of the conference is to solidify the scene of creative makers and together, set the values and new standards to prevent oppression, censorship, or surveillance for future generations.

After the Media Art Weekend, an exhibition of the work created will be on view at the Bakehouse Art Complex through October 2, 2017.

Day 1 Program:

Inaugural Remarks: Bibi Baloyra, executive director, Bakehouse Art Complex

Additional remarks 

"Media Under Dystopia": Rodolfo Peraza, Art Hack Data founder and director

Keynote Speech "Surveillance Economy; The Materiality of Internet": Vladan Joler, Share Foundation

Panel "Mapping and Quantifying Information Warfare in the Age of Big Data": Paloma Duong, Robert E. Gutsche, Vladan Joler, Désirée Miloshevic, and Andrej Petrovski

Moderator: Robert E. Gutsche, Jr., Ph.D., FIU Department of Journalism + Media, Lead FIU Mobile Virtual Reality Lab, and author of Media Control: News as an Institution of Power and Social Control

Q&A with panelists: Paloma Duong, Robert E. Gutsche, Jr., Vladan Joler, Désirée Miloshevic, and Andrej Petrovski 

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