Calendar: ​PAMM Free Second Saturdays: ¡Gol!

Event Description

Kick off your weekend and get into the soccer spirit through our latest exhibition, The World's Game: Fútbol and Contemporary Art. Visit our art-making workshop to create your own soccer emblem or beat to your own rhythm through Willie Stewart’s interactive percussion performances.  

William Stewart has developed a lecture concert performance rhythmic hands on interactive workshop “ RHYTHMS IN CONVERSATION “ which is community, culturally and recreationally ready  of musical education concentrating on percussion and rhythm, tailored for integration into formal education such as geography, math,  language and social studies . The 35 – 45 minute intensive session features drums and rhythms originating in Africa, then migrating to the New World where they are still heard in Brazil, Cuba, the Caribbean, etc. learning through active participation (Drumming, chanting, sing-a long, dancing, clapping while having lots of fun)

Willie Stewart workshop |1:30& 2:45