Collection: Polly Apfelbaum

Polly Apfelbaum
b. 1955, Philadephia; lives in New York City ¶
Mojo Mojo, 2001
Velvet and dye
18 feet in diameter
Collection Pérez Art Museum Miami
Image courtesy of Artist and D'Amelio Gallery

Throughout her work, Polly Apfelbaum examines postwar abstraction in relation to popular culture, often employing a staining method involving the use of all of the 104 colors produced by the French fabric dye company Sennelier. This staining technique borrows not only painting methods developed by the Abstract Expressionist artists of the 1950s, but also hippie-culture tie-dye designs, popular during the late 1960s. ¶¶This particular work refers to the monkey character, Mojo Jojo, from the cartoon series The Powerpuff Girls. Dominated by the color brown, it is made from hundreds of shaped pieces of dyed velvet placed directly on the floor. Its serial structure recalls Minimalist works that similarly sit on the floor or use repeated forms. Its circular shape and fabric dyes reference the carpets, quilts and domestic crafts that were similarly inspiring to many feminist artists during the 1970s.¶

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