Collection: Sue Coe

Sue Coe
b. 1951, Tamworth, England; lives in New York¶
Pinochet, 1973-83
Mixed media collage on paper
97-1/2 x 154 inches
Collection Pérez Art Museum Miami, promised gift of Dorian Bergen / ACA Galleries
Courtesy of ACA Galleries

Sue Coe's graphic, politically charged artworks have often been produced for newspapers, magazines, and illustrated books, in addition to galleries and museums. Pinochet is part of a series she created in protest of the dictator Augusto Pinochet, who took control of Chile by means of a U.S.-backed military coup against the president Salvador Allende in 1973. Pinochet, who retained power until 1990, carried out one of the largest campaigns of state-sponsored violence directed against a domestic population during the latter half of the 20th century. At least 4,000 individuals were kidnapped and "disappeared," and more than 40,000 were imprisoned and tortured.¶¶This large-scale work depicts tunnels under the National Stadium in Santiago, which were used by the military as sites for detainment, torture, and mass-executions throughout Pinochet's tenure, but especially during the first few weeks after he took power. The artist's inclusion of a Pepsi vending machine in this image is an allusion to the complicity of U.S. corporations in maintaining Pinochet's dictatorship, as he privatized many previously state-run industries and opened Chile to the world economy. ¶

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