Collection: Jonathan Hernandez

Jonathan Hernandez
b. 1972, Mexico City; lives in Mexico City
Rongwrong XXIV, 2010
Newspaper collage on cardboard
61 x 87-1/2 inches
Collection Pérez Art Museum Miami, museum purchase with funds from the PAMM Collectors Council
Sid Hoeltzell¶
Jonathan Hernandez belongs to a new generation of Mexican artists who take mundane objects and images often so common and lowly as to seem mute at first glance and reconfiguring them within the context of art, often with minimal artistic intervention.¶¶Unlike his contemporaries, who tend toward sculptural assemblage and installations, Hernandez is particularly interested in two-dimensional images and especially the ramifications of their circulation via modern mass media. He generally uses images photographs from newspapers, snapshots, postcards, advertisements, etc. rubbing off all names and textual information which would help viewers recognize the origin and context of the image. Hernandez leaves each of us to interpret the visual material for ourselves, evoking the sense of instability and disorientation characteristic of much of contemporary visual culture.¶¶

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