Collection: Frances Trombly

Frances Trombly
b. 1976, Miami, Florida ; lives Miami, Florida ¶
Rope, 2009
Handmade with twine
Dimensions variable
Collection Pérez Art Museum Miami, purchased with funds provided by the Young Collectors Council

With this piece Frances Twombly presents a roughly textured brown rope, coiled and hanging on a nail, as one might find this object in a garage or barn. While it appears to be industrially produced, Rope has in fact been handmade by the artist. She has carefully woven and twisted together dozens of smaller strings to produce this length of rope. Her piece dialogues with the readymades of the artist Marcel Duchamp, who early in the 20th century placed industrial materials, such as a urinal or snow shovel, in a gallery context and redefined the meaning of art by highlighting how the artist and the art context defines what is considered art. His readymades specifically denied the importance of the handmade in art. Twombly references and inverts the art tradition that Duchamp represents, by presenting a handcrafted artwork that looks like a mass-produced object, and by placing value on the labor, time and care involved in its making. ¶

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