Donor Recognition

Pérez Art Museum Miami would like to thank its donors. 

  • Chairman

    100,000 and Up

    Irene and Irv Barr

    Gift in memory of R. Kirk Landon

    Darlene and Jorge Pérez

    Sylvia T. Pope



    50,000 – 99,000


    Patricia and William Kleh

    Nedra and Mark Oren

    Patricia Papper


    25,000 – 49,999


    Maria Bechily and Scott Hodes

    Arlyn and Stephen Cypen

    Deborah and Larry Hoffman

    Dorothy and Aaron Podhurst



    10,000 – 24,999


    Sari and Arthur Agatston


    Conchy and Tony Argiz

    Suzanne and Chris Armstrong

    Chloe Berkowitz

    Ana and Mitchell A. Bierman

    Arlene and Wayne Chaplin

    Madeleine Conway

    Carol and George Crapple

    Manuel A. Diaz and Robin Smith

    Leslie and Gregory C. Ferrero

    Mireille Chancy Gonzalez and Tomas Gonzalez

    Rose Ellen Meyerhoff Greene

    Diane and Werner Grob

    Carole and Ira Hall

    Alexander Hurst

    Susana and Alberto Ibargüen

    Nedra A. Kalish

    Laura and Daniel Koffsky

    Kandy Kramer

    Jeff Krinsky

    Lucrecia and Juan Loumiet

    Gail Meyers and Andrew Hall

    Deryl McKissack

    Christy and David Martin

    Diane and Robert Moss

    Alejandra and Luke Palacio

    Julie and Mark Paresky

    Patrick and Jaleh V. Peyton

    Hal Philipps and Greg Kendall

    Silvia Rios Fortun

    Craig Robins

    Gloria G. Scharlin

    Sandra and Anthony Tamer

    Thomas van Straaten and Nadine Asin

    Roz and Charles Stuzin

    Padma and Raj Vattikuti

    Susie and Walid Wahab

    Mary Wolfson and Robert Rosenberg

    Alexa and Adam Wolman



    5,000 – 9,999


    Angela and Louis Birdman

    Randall Bodner and Carlos Garcia

    Ann Blackwell and Cornelius Bond

    Russell and Judith Carson

    Linda Cheverton Wick and Walter Wick

    Meenaa Chugani and Pradeep Kumar

    Linda and Martin Cohen

    Rita and Joel Cohen

    Maureen and George Collins

    Stuart B. Cooper and Rebecca L. Besson

    George D. Crowley, Jr.

    Aldona Czernecka

    Mily and Raul de Molina

    Karen and Mark Dern

    Alfonso and Raysa Fanjul

    Linda and David Frankel

    Karen and Jonathan Fryd

    Maria Marta de la Hoz and Sergio Garcia-Granados

    Ellen Glimcher

    Lorena and Evelio Gomez

    Ambassador Steven Green and Dorothea Green

    Carole and Frederick Guest

    Karen and Kenneth Heithoff

    Pamela F. Hoehn-Saric

    David Stephen Hope

    Bruce C. Horten and Aaron Lieber

    Carlos Kauffmann and Gaby Jimenez-Kauffmann

    Jane and Gerald Kathcer

    Mimi and Larry Kuppin

    Sandra Lapciuc

    Marcia Gail Levine

    Aida Levitan, Ph.D. and Fernando Petit - ArtesMiami, Inc.

    George L. Lindemann

    Jerry M. Lindzon

    Marie and Harley Lippman

    Martha Macks-Kahn and Peter Kahn

    Miguel and Mariana Mawad

    Camille and Patrick McDowell

    Nancy and Medwin Mintzis

    Henry Parra

    Susan and Dennis Richard

    Carole and Oscar Seikaly

    Lois Siegel

    Marsha Soffer

    Jerry Speyer and Katherine Farley

    Jean and Eugene Stark

    Dorothy Terrell

    Sherry and Harley Tropin

    Richard Yulman

    Ruth and Alan Zelcer

    Mary and George H. Zimmerman

    Aymee and Peter Zubizarreta



    2,500 – 4,999

    Joan J. Ambrose

    Cheryl and Donald Appe

    Tracy and Alisa Bahl

    Tania and Christopher Baros

    Marilyn Kalusin Berens

    Carol and Myles Berkman

    Jamie Blond

    Brad Buchanan and Sean Buchanan

    Rita Cabasés Goñi

    Alicia Celorio

    Jacqueline, Jonathan and Gabriella Chariff

    Connie and John Cioffi

    Sue and Charles Cobb

    Adrianne and Jerry Cohen

    Rita and Joel Cohen

    Lourdes and Timothy Collett

    Marianne and Carlos Coto

    Pilar Crespi Robert

    Christophe L. DiFalco

    Elizabeth R. Miller and James G. Dinan and the Dinan Family Foundation

    Nathan J.* and Elizabeth D. Estormes

    Mary Claire and Alex Espenkotter

    Alexandra and Eric Fabrikant

    Julie Ferguson

    Suzanne and Lawrence Fishman

    Nina Fuentes

    Marilyn Gadinsky

    Jill and Harold Gaffin

    Judith and Phillip T. George

    Goldberg Family

    Gene Gomberg and Linda Alexander-Gomberg

    Steven Gombinski and Yvette M. Costas

    Nacira and Orlando Gomez

    Andrea Cid and Joshua Greenman

    Felipe Grimberg and Eduardo Ojeda

    John Grossman and Dr. Jacqueline Green

    Linette Marie Guerra and Norma Guerra

    Alexander Guest

    Monique and Alex Halberstein

    Diane Halpryn

    Thomas Healy and Frederick Hochberg

    Armando E. Hernandez-Rey

    Eliot Hess and Lois Whitman-Hess

    Marilyn Holifield

    Renee and David Hover

    Jane Hurt and Michel Thomas

    Steven Kline

    Amy and Richard Kohan

    Dale and Stephen Kulvin

    Barbara and Richard Lane

    Barbara Levin

    Dr. Willie and Lyra Logan

    Richard and Carol Lumpkin

    Gloria Luria

    Carlos D. Malamud Russek

    Adriana and Ricardo Malfitano

    Lucia Marin and Daniel Bacardi

    Deborah L. Meijer

    Marijean and Rafael Miyar

    Yael and Eduardo Muller

    Susan and Joseph Nehmen

    Ethel Navas and Jose Noarbe

    Belkys Nerey

    Merle and Michael Orlove

    Patricia and Ramiro J. Ortiz|Silvia Ortiz

    Sharon Schultz

    Jamie and Dominic Sirianni

    Jay Skyler and Mercedes Bach

    Molly Snyder

    Michelle and Richard Starke

    Pat Strawgate

    Volha Suhak and Nicholas J. Singer

    Peace Sullivan

    Mary and Timothy Sullivan

    James and Janie Tate

    Diane Walder, M.D.

    Bruce R. Watts, Jr.

    Judy and Peter Weissman

    Joseph Wemple

    Sara Williams

    Betty and Michael Wohl

  • Friend


    Ariel Acosta-Rubio and Maria Alejandra Bravo

    Christine Allen

    Jeff Altman and Beatrice Veschetti

    Isabelle H. Amdur

    Marivel Andreu

    Toby Lerner Ansin

    Michael D. Araguez

    Brigid and Marc Arel

    Alberto Arias and Wood Kinnard

    Ivette and Alan Atkinson

    Lisa Austin and James Hofford

    Lily and Jose Azel

    Ruby M. Bacardi

    Antonella and Sandro Bacchelli

    Andreea Baclea

    Michele and Scott Baena

    Sybil and John Barkett

    Elizabeth and David Barret

    Joann S. Bass

    Liliana Beltran

    Rachel and Roy Benmeir

    Gustavo F. Berenblum and Claudia S. Busch

    Joseph S. Berg

    Helene Berger

    Madeline and Jim Berlin

    Barbara and Pedro Bermann

    Kerrin and Peter Bermont

    Lana and Michael Bernstein

    Lisa and Robert Better

    William Betts

    Russell P. Beyer and Lizzie M. Padro

    Rosetta and Donald Bierman

    Books Bischof and Cristina Gonzalez

    Carmen D. Bishopric

    Michelle and Findlay Black

    Mark Blank

    Joyce Cohen Bloch

    Ellen and David Block

    Anne and James Bodnar

    David Bolger and Mark Lancaster

    Patricia and Jean-Jacques Bona

    Rosario and Alan Bond

    Arshan Borhan

    Architect Robin and Mrs. Patricia Bosco

    Alexis Botticelli

    Irma and Norman Braman

    Betty Madigan Brandt

    Ray Breslin and Patrick Pecoraro

    Loretta and Laurence Brody

    Michael J. Brody

    Jamie Burke and Alexandra Gonzalez-Burke

    Mario Cader-Frech and Robert S. Wennett

    Dr. and Mrs. Julio G. Calderon

    Anirays and Maximilian Camino

    Eloy Carmenate

    Aliette and David Carolan

    Tracey, Christopher and Skylar Carter

    Rev. Msgr. Franklyn M. Casale

    Christina and Oscar Castellon

    Luis Castellon and Margarita Mestre

    Justin Cernitz and Candise Shanbron

    Nercys and Ramon Cernuda

    Betty B. Chapman

    Heidi and Pierre Charalambides

    Jan and Ted Charles

    Abbey Chase, Morris Family Foundation

    Dr. Richard Chervony and Mr. Kenneth J. Rosenberg

    Ximena and Tony Cho

    Rajan Chopra

    Silvana and Andres Cisneros

    Martha and Bruce Clinton, The Clinton Family Fund

    Alexander Cohen

    Dedee and Alan Cohen

    Gala and Stanley Cohen

    Philip H. Cohen and and Suzi Rudd Cohen

    Robert W. Coleman and Armando J. Olivera

    Trisha and Madison Conroy

    Yvonne and Tony Conza

    Barry J. Cooper, Jr. and Stuart H. Smith

    John D. Couriel and Rebecca L. Toonkel, M.D.

    Douglas S. Cramer and Hugh Bush

    Robert Crane and Shirley Munoz

    Kimberley and Fernando Crespo

    Jose Cruz and Carlos Fuentes

    Finlay Cumming and Diane Walder, M.D.

    Corey Cutright

    Annelies and Jose Da Costa Gomez

    Alicia Dahill

    Carol and Vincent Damian, Jr.

    Mojdeh and Robert Danial

    Nelson de Leon and Vanessa Suarez de Leon

    Cheryl and Jan Deknatel

    Antonio Delgado

    Sissy DeMaria

    Miriam and Gerald Derbish

    Nanci and Harold Deutsch

    Marianne and John Devine

    Christopher DiSchino

    Frederick Doner and Michele Oka Doner

    Jeanne Donovan

    Brook Dorsch and Tyler Emerson-Dorsch

    Terry and Melvyn Drucker

    Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk

    Janet and Craig Duchossois

    Marcia and Herbert Dunn

    Bill DuPriest and Virginia Miller

    Felise Eber

    Norman S. Edelcup

    Moises Egozi and Deborah Baker

    Brian Ehrlich

    Benjamin Elias

    Jonathan Elias

    Sheila Elias Taplin

    Patricia Engel

    Ahmet Erkaya and Anastasia Koutsioukis

    Pepi Ertag

    Miriam T. Esteve

    Ernesto A. Estrada and Ines Rivero

    Loretta Fabricant

    Colleen and Richard Fain

    John P. Falcon

    Jeanne and Joseph Farcus

    Renee Farina

    John Faust and Elaine Bleiberg

    Arline and Norman Feinberg

    Lawrence Feldman and Vinh Huy Nguyen

    Alfie Feola and Nina Feola

    Elizabeth and Jorge Fergie

    Maria and Steven Ferguson

    Amaryllis and Guillermo Feria

    Nory and Pedro Fernández

    Elizabeth Ferritto

    Tara Ana Finley

    Joy Fishman

    Suzanne and Lawrence Fishman

    Barbara and Herbert Frank

    Chayo Frank and Luz Marina McAninch

    The Stephen and Elisabeth Frank Foundation

    Julie and Martin Franklin

    Mooli Freiman and Tami Katz-Freiman

    Hollis and Jeffrey Freimark

    Daniela Frewa

    Andrew Frey and Alexandra Codina

    Marvin Ross Friedman and Adrienne bon Haes

    Shellie and James Fulford

    Marcelo Fumasoni

    Liebe and Seth Gadinsky

    Stacey and Jared Galbut

    Alejandro Gallardo and Angel Rua

    Susan and David Galler

    Lynn and Brandon Garbar

    Albert Garcia

    Luis Garcia and Brenda Bichili

    Peter Garcia and Markus Thiel

    Andre Gardner

    Marla and David Garfinkle

    Pamela J. Garrison

    Nancy and Ron Gelles

    Leonard Genet and Dale Goodman

    Yetta and Irving Geszel

    Thomas Gillette and Carla Crossno

    Kristine and James Goldstein

    Lorena and Evelio Gomez

    Avel A. Gonzalez and Martha Villamizar

    Christopher Gonzalez

    Vivian Gonzalez

    Veronica and Constantin Gorges-Siebel

    Dr. Stuart and Dianne Gottlieb

    Robert Govaerts and Chantal Govaerts-Voorbraak

    Typoe Gran

    Federico Grayeb

    Nancy Green

    Jan and Ronald Greenberg

    Iris Greene

    Ellen Feinberg Greenspan

    Evelyn and Bruce Greer

    Steven Gretenstein and Barbara Shrut

    Renee and Howard Gross

    Robert Grossman and Helene Fortunoff

    Michael Guss and Carl Rosendorf

    Valentina and Jeff Gutchess

    Jorge R. Gutierrez

    Luz Maria and Alfredo Gutierrez

    Jason Halpern

    Sandy and Jay Halpern

    Ruth and Glenn Hamilton

    Christine and Peter Handy

    Eric Hankin and Richard C. Milstein

    Britta and Dan Hanson

    Vernon Dean Hanson

    Maria and Ernest Harper

    Thomas Harris and E. Pace Barnes

    Daniel Hassan and Priscilla Taveras

    Richard Hertan and Bridget Dadd

    Richard Horvitz and Erica Hartman-Horvitz

    Wilda Harvit

    Harvey Hernandez

    Roberto Hernandez and Alisa Cepeda

    Arthur Hertz

    Beatriz and Paul Hicks

    John C. Hilliard and Christine Bruce

    Cami and Donald Hofstadter

    Marissa and Jeff Hollander

    Harry Hollub and Amy Marcus Hollub

    Fana and Abel Holtz

    Jacques Holzmann and Adriana Joseph

    Lory and Joseph Horn

    Drs. Carrie and James Horst

    Ninoska Huerta

    Lawrence R. Hyer

    Michela and Matteo Invernizzi

    Alina and Thierry Isambert

    Fazilat and Adrian Ishkanian

    Vince Iuliano and Bianca Oakes

    Robin and Dr. Baruch Jacobs

    Florence and Bernard Jacobson

    Lola and Donald* Jacobson

    Anna Janoura

    Michael Janoura and Ileana Janoura

    Dr. Wentworth and Sandra Jarrett

    Sofia Joelsson

    Jennifer Johnson

    Linda Heller Kamm

    Lonnie and Charles Kantor

    Elena and Benjamin Kaplan

    Justin B. Kaplan

    Linda and Morty Kaplan

    Ana and Neisen O. Kasdin

    Nancy and James Katzoff

    Megan Kelly

    Patricia and Dennis Klein

    Deborah L. Koch

    Rosa and Robert Kofman

    Drs. Dorothy and Neil Koreman

    Koretsky Family Foundation

    Jacqueline Kott

    Tracy A. Kramer

    Stephanie and Howard Krass

    Vanessa Krelstein

    Rita Kremer and Susanne Kremer

    Franklin D. Kreutzer

    Viviane and Marc De Kuyper

    Karen LaGatta

    Alicia Cervera Lamadrid

    Susan and Richard Lampen

    Brian Larson

    JoAnn and Roni Laskin

    Roberta and David Lawrence, Jr.

    Audreylee and James Leavitt

    Judy and Donald Lefton


    Albert Lepage

    Ricardo Lequerica and Aida T. Baladi-Lequerica

    Kathy and Richard Lesser

    Eric Levin

    Marilyn and Robert Levin

    Richard Levine

    Fredda and Richard Levitt

    Steven Lewerenz and Nina Schürmaier

    Daniel R. Lewis

    Gloria and Sergio Leyva

    Mengnu Cherry Liang

    Beatriz and Osvaldo Librizzi

    John Joseph Lin

    Sueyun and Gene Locks

    Scott London and Wendy Herrera

    Soledad and Justin Lowe

    Diana and Alfredo Lowenstein

    Nicole and Edgar Lozano

    Barbara J. Macon

    Jacqueline and Allan Mannarelli

    Julie Manrique

    Daniel Marinberg

    Sallie Mason

    Ana Teresa and Teofilo Mata

    Manuel Mato, Jr.

    Magaly Mauer

    Mariana and Miguel Mawad

    Luis Maza

    Edwin McAmis and Gerson Gonzalez

    Kevin McCarty and Henri Vezie

    Anabela Mendoza

    Pedro G. Menocal

    Victor Mestre and Mariela Cisneros-Mestre

    Marta and Roman Meyerhans

    Kathryn and Daniel Mikesell

    Daniel Milewski and Nina Johnson-Milewski

    Maria Miller

    Ana and Cecil Milton

    Paulette E. Mintz

    Sima and Douglas Miska

    Adrianne and Paul Mittentag

    Inna and Miroslav Mladenovic

    Meysam Moradpour

    Jennifer and Gary Nader

    Jonathan M. Nadler and Corinne Arazi

    Dr. and Mrs. Edward Neff

    Jana and Brian Neff

    Kevin Negrete

    Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Newman

    Anthony Orlandini Said

    Merle and Michael Orlove

    Silvia M. and Emilio Ortiz

    William M. Osborne and Karen Bechtel

    Harvey Oxenberg and Nory Contractor

    Reagan and Christopher Pace

    Federico N. Padovan

    Carol and Andrew Parsons

    Lisa and Harry Payton

    Charles Penan

    Mayda Perez and Simone Mayer

    Dulce and Javier Perez-Abreu

    Alicia and Apostolos Peristeris

    Claudia and Steven Perles

    Tiana Pierce

    Richard Pitofsky

    Steven Poliakoff and Amy Poliakoff

    Gustavo Pombo and Leticia Hartmann

    Linda and Irwin Potash

    Alejandra and Alberto Poza

    Barbara and Stanley Price

    Beverly and Ervin Pruitt

    Victor J. Pujals and Ana Martin-Lavielle

    Michael Pyatt and Wendy Oliver-Pyatt

    Paxton Quigley

    Jennifer Quinn and Gabriel Montoya

    Jane Raleigh

    John Raleigh

    Bahia Ramos

    Alan G. Randolph

    Stefanie B. Reed, Art Basel

    Carolee Reiber

    Aaron Resnick, Esq.

    Dr. Sorrel and Sheila Resnik 

    Esta and Lewis Ress

    Vanessa and Gary Ressler

    Nena and Ted Rich

    Matthew Richard

    Letitia D. Richardson

    Alida and Victor Rivera

    Kimberly Robinson

    Eric A. Rodriguez

    Tony Rodriguez and Maritza Cura

    Cindy Roesel

    Victoria J. Rogers

    Dr. Debra Ann Rosen

    Mr. H. J. Ross and Dr. Audrey H. Ross

    Faye and Jeffrey Roth

    Cessy and Richard Rubinson

    Ruth* and Marvin Sackner

    Kenneth Sadowsky

    Barbara G. Salk

    Dr. Jhonny Salomon

    Elena and Leland Salomon

    Dr. Hector and Thais Sanchez

    Maria and Pepe Sanchez

    Johanna and Roland Sanchez-Medina

    Diane and Lee Sandler

    Michelle and Alan Sandler

    Linda and Charles T. Sands

    Marcos Santana and Mali Parkerson

    Tom Santoro and Corinne Collins

    Cristina Scarano

    Andrea and Lili Scarpa

    Drs. Joel and Randy Schenkman

    Barbara Schiff, Colleen and Steven Schiff, Schiff Family Philanthropic Fund

    Brett Schmulian and Maryam Sibony

    Ronald Schrager and Wendy Hart

    Diana and Andrew Schultz

    Dr. James G. Schwade

    Barbara and Stanley Schwartz

    Fred D. Sciammas, M.D.

    Aldo Serafini and Ursula Ungaro

    Gail and Joseph Serota

    Ruth Shack

    Donna E. Shalala

    Susan and Robert Shelley

    Anica and David Shpilberg

    Maria and Tony Sierra

    Dr. Hal and Susan Silberman

    Julie and Gary Simon

    Sandra and Charles Simon

    Marte and Paul Steven Singerman

    Lisa and Steven Smith

    Jeffrey R. Solomon and Audrey Weiner

    Mindy and Michael Solomon

    Linda and Lee Spiegelman

    Anthony Spinello

    Lesta Summerfield Stacom

    Penny and E. Roe Stamps

    Michael Stein and Adriana Pinheiro Stein

    Bernice Steinbaum

    Florence and Sidney Stern

    Consuelo and Robert Stewart

    Spencer Stewart and Stephanie Ansin

    Susan and David Strauss

    Gary Stuart

    Hiro Sumida

    Tomoko N. Supak

    Jane and Leopold Swergold

    Phyllis and Harold Tanenbaum

    Cricket and Marty* Taplin

    Sidney Taurel

    Lori V. Thomas

    Olivia Thompson

    Francine and Herbert Tobin

    Maria Elena Toraño

    Justin and Tedd Trabert

    Andrea Travaglia

    Alicia and Antonio Tremols

    Silvia A. Trinidad

    Christian Tupper and Irene Fajardo

    Elise and Ronny Udelson

    Dr. John W. Uribe

    Axelle Van den Bulcke

    Alexandra and Maria Vargas

    Ana and Jose Varona

    Carmen and Ray Velazquez

    Amalia Velez-Garrido

    Brenton Verploeg

    Jorge Viera Landaluce and Maria Fernanda Gomez de Llarena

    Rodolfo H. Vigliano and Vanesa Carusso

    Julie and Javier Vijil

    Marsha L. Vinson

    Liza and Bryan B. Walton

    Eberhard Weber

    James Weber and Nisa Ann Boyle

    Karen and Harvey Weidenfeld

    Ann and Sid Weiner

    Lonnie and Lawrence Weinstein

    Merle and Daniel Weiss

    Judy and Peter Weissman

    Dr. and Mrs. Steven Weissman

    Allison Claire Wertheimer

    Michael P. Williams and B. Rodney White

    Jessie and Bernard Wolfson

    Jennifer and Carlos Wollmann

    Alicia F. and Michael Wynn

    Jean-Marc Zarka and Regina Agro

    Alison Zhuk

    Isadora and Avalon Zucker

    Gail and John Zvijac

    Barbara and Charles Zwick


    **This list reflects donations made between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015.


  • 250,000

    John S. and James L. Knight Foundation


    100,000 – 249,999


    The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts


    Vacheron Constantin 

    American Express

    Italian Trade Agency

    Salone del Mobile. Milano




    50,000 – 99,999


    BNY Mellon 



    Hogan Lovells

    The Miami Foundation

    ​South Florida Ford



    25,000 – 49,999


    Art Miami

    Bank of America


    Peacock Foundation, Inc.

    Formula E. Operations, LTD.

    Goldman Sachs & Co.

    JPMorgan Chase Foundation

    Miami Downtown Development Authority


    South Motors

    The Related Group

    Van Cleef & Arpels



    10,000 – 24,999


    The Coleman Foundation


    The Educational Foundation of America

    Beck’s Urban Canvas

    Fifth Third Bank

    Galleria Continua

    Goya Foods

    Kim Crawford

    Lehmann Maupin Gallery

    Macy's Foundation

    Publix Super Markets Charities

    The Windhover Foundation


  • Benefactor

    5,000 – 9,999 



    City of Bal Harbour

    Citizens Interested in Arts, Inc.

    The Cultivist

    Funding Arts Network

    Gallery Wendi Norris

    Mondriaan Fund

    Northwestern Mutual - The South Florida Group

    The Ohnell Family Foundation

    Perrier Sparking Natural Mineral Water

    The Prentice Foundation

    Rag & Bone

    TD Bank Charitable Foundation

    Wells Fargo & Company

  • Patron

    2,500 – 4,999


    Bloomberg Philanthropies

    Conrad Miami

    Giorgio Armani

    Graham Companies

    Israel, Rose, Henry & Robert Wiener Charitable Foundation

    The Cobb Family Foundation



    1,000 – 2,499


    EDjuvinator, Inc.

    Hand Made Events, LLC

    The Ivy

    The Netherland-America Foundation

    Perry Ellis International

    Smart Destinations

    Your Fountainhead

    Zickler Family Foundation



    Sari and Arthur Agatston

    Suzanne and Chris Armstrong

    Irene and Irv Barr

    Carol and Myles Berkman

    Jamie Blond

    Rita Cabasés Goñi

    Doreen Chambers and Philippe Monrougie

    Maureen and George Collins

    Madeleine Conway

    Pilar Crespi Robert

    Nina Fuentes

    Sergio Garcia-Granados and Maria Martha de la Hoz

    Yvette M. Costas and Steven Gombinski

    Carole and Frederick Guest

    Monique and Alex Halberstein

    Patricia and William Kleh

    Jeff Krinsky

    Sandra Lapciuc

    Jerry M. Lindzon

    Adriana Malfitano 

    Camille and Patrick McDowell

    Deborah Meijer

    Gail Meyers and Andrew C. Hall

    Elizabeth R. Miller and James G. Dinan

    Nancy and Medwin Mintzis

    Diane and Robert Moss

    Nedra and Mark Oren

    Patricia and Ramiro J. Ortiz|Silvia Ortiz

    Patricia M. Papper

    Darlene and Jorge M. Pérez

    Dorothy and Aaron Podhurst

    Craig Robins

    Debra and Dennis Scholl

    Carole and Oscar Seikaly

    Marcia Soffer

    Roz and Charles Stuzin

    Bruce R. Watts, Jr.

    Linda Cheverton Wick and Walter Wick

    *List reflects donations to the Collectors Council 2015-2016

  • Carlos Andrade 


    Tara and Jack Benmeleh


    Aliette and David Carolan


    Maria Antonia and Pedro DaCunha


    Meg Lelia Florian 


    Rachel and Joseph Furst


    Valentina and Jeffrey Gutchess


    Daniel Hassan and Priscilla Taveras


    Sari and Justin Kaplan


    Judson LaCapra and Thelma Rocha


    Carlos Malamud-Russek


    Yael and Eduardo E. Muller


    Jessica and Evrim Oralkan


    Andrew Pompa and Adriane Vega


    Stephanie and Michael Rosen


    Ita Saraga


    Mattew Vander Werff and Ashley Abess


    Stefan Weiss and Sari Fandel




  • 250,000 – 499,999

    ​Darlene and Jorge M. Pérez 


    100,000 – 249,999


    David Hoberman

    Beth Swofford

    Daniel Weinberg


    50,000 – 99,999


    Mark and Hilarie Moore Family Trust

    Peter Norton

    Linda Cheverton Wick and Walter Wick


    25,000 – 49,999



    Dorit Arad

    Galerie Lelong

    Cildo Meireles

    Liza and Dr. Arturo F. Mosquera

    The Sender Collection

    César Trasobares

    The Debra and Jeffrey Wechsler Collection


    10,000 – 24,999


    The Bared Family Foundation

    Diego Bianchi

    BNY Mellon

    Mimi Floback

    Marsha Fogel

    Jorge A. Garcia and Angel Perez

    Helena Rubinstein Philanthropic Fund at The Miami Foundation

    Peter Menéndez

    Marijean and Rafael Miyar

    Negativa Moderna

    Dr. And Mrs. William Tsiaras


    5,000 – 9,999


    Charles R. Bell and Matthew Dreger

    Michael McManus

    Nina Johnson-Milewski and Daniel Milewski

  • AriZona Beverages

    Daniel Azoulay

    Berkowitz Pollack Brant

    Carlton Fields

    Caryatid Conservation Services


    Culinary Related Entertainment and Marketing, LLC

    Deco Bike LLC

    Judith and Phillip T. George

    Greenberg Traurig LLP

    Goldman Sachs & Co.

    Hall, Lamb & Hall, P.A.

    Sid Hoeltzell

    Holland & Knight LLP

    Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP

    InterContinetal Miami

    The James Royal Palm Hotel

    The Johnson Administration

    Law Offices of Carmen Rodriguez

    Lott & Fischer, PL

    The M Network

    Metro 1 Properties

    Murai Wald Biondo Moreno & Pegg, P.A.

    Neiman Marcus

    Orion Analytical LLC

    Premier Beverage Company

    Rennert Vogel Mandler & Rodriguez, P.A.

    Robinson & Reeves

    Rustin Levenson Painting Conservation Studio

    Shutts & Bowen LLP

    Société Perrier

    The Standard Hotel & Spa

    Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson, P.A.

    Terminello & Terminello

    Town & Country

    Urban Daddy


    Antonio R. Zamora, Esq.

  • 1,000,000 and Up


    Miami-Dade County Omni Community Redevelopment Agency


    100,000 – 249,999


    State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural A­ffairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture

    50,000 – 99,999


    Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural A­ffairs


    25,000 – 49,999


    Miami Downtown Development Authority


  • Ambassadors for African American Art


    John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

    Darlene and Jorge M. Pérez



    Effie and Nelson Adams

    Florence and Sheldon T. Anderson

    Penny and Chris Austen

    Stephanie Bell-Rose and Christopher Rose

    Francisco L. Borges

    Becky and William Considine

    Jim Crutchfield and Becky Hoover

    Carole and Ira Hall

    Marilyn Holifield

    Chris R. Hughes and Sean Eldridge

    Mizuka and Joichi Ito

    Susan Kronick and Edward Shumsky

    Gail Meyers and Andrew Hall

    Diane and Robert Moss

    Anna and Tom Nelson

    Beverly Knight Olson and Edmund Olson

    Nedra and Mark Oren

    John Palfrey and Catherine Carter

    Dorothy and Aaron Podhurst

    Toni and Carl Randolph

    Liana and Ray Rodriguez

    Penelope and E. Roe Stamps

    Paul Steiger and Wendy Brandes

    Dorothy Terrell



    Robbie Bell

    Tracey and Christopher Carter

    Leslie and Greg Ferrero

    Regina Jollivette Frazier and Ronald Frazier

    Rudolph Green and Joyce Christian

    Deborah and Larry Hoffman

    Dr. Yvonne T. Johnson

    Dr. Willie and Lyra Logan

    Jumaane N'Namdi

    Maria A. Napoles

    Marilyn and Segundo Padilla

    Sylvia T. Pope

    Hong Qu

    LaQuine Simmons

    Bernice Steinbaum

    Renata and Keith Ward

    Faye Wright



    Peter S. Bedeau London

    Anne and Christopher Bellows

    Bridget and Brian Blake

    Simone Boayue-Gumbs

    Retha S. Boone-Fye

    Michael Butler and Zari Watkins

    Barron Channer and Sally James-Bailey

    Dr. Benjamin Cowins, Sr.

    Nicole Crisonino

    Bill Diggs

    Joyce R. Forchion

    Donna Ginn

    Donald Graham

    Jason Green

    Walter Harvey and Barbie Andrade

    Monique Hayes

    Carla and Marlon A. Hill

    Lilia and Ralph Hogges

    Victor Kendall

    Regine Monestime

    Gary Moore

    Nerissa Morris

    Marcia Narine and Hunter Hawkins

    Rodney Royal and Angela White-Royal

    Wali Salahuddin

    Richard Standifer and Walter Van Hamme

    Theresa Therilus

    Felicia and Blair Walker

    Antonia Williams-Gary


    Other Donors

    Elizabeth Cardona and Nikolay Nedev

    Nicole Henry

    Jeri Rayon

    *This list reflects donations made between October 1, 2013 and December 31, 2014