PAMM Research Residencies engage and support artists, curators, critics, writers, collectives and other cultural producers as they pursue inquiries relevant to their work. 

Introducing invited researchers to the unique setting, resources and communities both within the museum and throughout South Florida, PAMM will support each resident’s particular aims. The program provides a new context for research, the exchange of ideas and discoveries.

Increasingly, cultural practitioners in a variety of disciplines are sharing aspects of research once thought of as the hidden or private work that leads to an installation, art object, publication, or performance. For others research is the central focus of their practice—the means and the end. Research may be a rich process with the potential to become itself a new form, narrative, or catalystperhaps most exciting when its course meanders, creating changed intentions and unexpected outcomes.

The duration of residencies varies from continuous month long stays to multiple, shorter visits. Culminating projects emerging from residencies are not predetermined, nor required; however, the process itself will be made transparent to the Museum’s publics through platforms such as publications, web projects, installations/artworks, talks, performances, screenings and workshops that are guided by each researcher’s personal practice and points of interest. By facilitating discourse, exploration, and experimentation, while sharing those developments with diverse publics, PAMM investigates multiple and mutable definitions of research in the domain of contemporary art.

Projects at PAMM