Stop Asian Hate: A Letter from the Director

We are deeply saddened by the devastating shooting this week in Boulder, Colorado, and the recent attack on the Asian-American community in Atlanta—just two of many tragedies that point to systemic issues in our society. As an institution that takes pride in diversity and inclusion, we condemn the act of targeted AAPI-racism and xenophobia as evidenced in the Atlanta shooting, that has fueled violence and hate since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to recognize this attack is not an isolated incident, but the culmination of AAPI racism embedded within our country’s history.

Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is a museum born and raised in Miami, Florida, and thus our vision of America has been broad since our founding in 1984. As a city at the crossroads of America with a diverse population of immigrants, Miami is a city in which the spirit of inclusion runs deep. We believe that museums, ourselves among them, are places where difficult conversations can be had and where people can come together in the spirit of empathy and action. We stand in solidarity with our AAPI community here in Miami, the region, and around the country as we continue to confront America’s past and the deep relationship to systemic racism on which our country was unjustly founded.

In light of the recent crises, we’ve compiled a list of resources and action items to encourage everyone to consider what steps can be taken in their own lives to support the AAPI community and actively work against racism.

Franklin Sirmans
PAMM Director


Educating ourselves and breaking down bias.
From themes in artwork to documentaries and books, there are so many places to start learning about systemic racism and how it’s spread to our modern day. The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center has a full library of information and resources.The Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) also has a vast array of resources speaking against AAPI racism.   

Personally reflecting and having those uncomfortable conversations.
Talking about race and racial injustices, although hard, is necessary. It's a lifelong journey. Talking about race starts with personal reflection. Read more.

Making your voice heard with elected officials. 
Change starts in your community. Make sure to register and participate in not only national, but in local elections too. Find out who your representatives are and ask what they are doing for the Asian community. Find yours.

Supporting organizations that work for positive change. 
There are so many organizations both nationally and locally to involve yourself with to take action towards positive change. Find a group that aligns with your views and explore how you can support.

  • Asian American Federation of Florida | Learn more
  • Asian American Journalist Association | Learn more
  • Florida Asian Services | Learn more
  • National Association of Asian American Professionals Miami Chapter (NAAAP Miami) | Learn more
  • OCA South Florida | Learn more

If you see something, say something.
Nationally, you can report any hate crimes to Stop AAPI Hate. Locally, you can reach out to the Hate Crimes Unit at the Florida State Attorney’s Office. Contact 786 687 2566. Learn more.

Exercising your right to be heard, protest, and gather safely and peacefully in solidarity.
And if you don't want to or are unable to protest, you can still use the resources you have to speak up about these issues.

These resources have been updated as of March 23, 2021.