March 24, 2014

Blog: PAMM Chief Curator Tobias Ostrander Gives a Talk at FRESH MILK XIV

On Thursday, March 20, PAMM's Chief Curator Tobias Ostrander gave a talk at FRESH MILK XIV in Barbados with artists Nick Whittle, Mark King and Versia Harris.

Ostrander discussed the opening exhibitions and projects currently on view at PAMM, and the museum’s current research and programming related to the Caribbean, including the upcoming presentation of the exhibition Caribbean: Crossroads of the World. Ostrander also discuss his interests in developing future collaborations with art institutions across the Caribbean region as part of his thinking on a “Strategic Regionalism” which seeks to create increased dialogue between the Southern United States, Caribbean basin and Central and South America.

About Fresh Milk Barbado
The Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc. is a Caribbean non-profit, artist-led, inter-disciplinary organization that supports creatives and promotes wise social, economic, and environmental stewardship through creative engagement with society and by cultivating excellence in the arts.