June 23, 2014

Blog: PAMM Contemporaries Invited BBBS Young Professionals Council to a Private Mixer

On Thursday, June 19, the PAMM Contemporaries invited BBBS Young Professionals Council to enjoy a private cocktail reception, with beer generously provided by Desperados, on the North Terrace Platform before PAMM Presents Teengirl Fantasy featuring Hoody

PAMM Contemporaries Host Committee: Jack Benmeleh, Dominique Breard, Alex Cohen, Alex Colindres, Bridget Dadd, Olee Fowler, Alexandra Gonzalez, Brian Ehrlich, Bryan Sharkey, Cristina Scarano, Daniela Frewa, Ginger Harris, Marcella Novela, Liza Walton, Valentina Gutchess, and Aileen Quintana

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Photos  by World Red Eye