July 24, 2014

Blog: El Biblibandido Strikes PAMM!

As authorities predicted, and as verified by this video taken from a bystander’s cell phone, on July 12 El Biblibandido (a masked bandit who, starving for stories, gallops around terrorizing little kids until they write and offer him their stories), did in fact strike Pérez Art Museum Miami. He rode to the museum’s front door at 2pm to deliver a note that read, “I am El Bibliobandido; I am starving for stories. Those that don’t nourish me — beware!*” Towards the bottom of that note, the asterisk clarified that he would return one hour later to collect his booty.

And although over 600 brave children of Miami had assembled that day with Studio REV- and artist Marisa Jahn to create books to satiate and appease this villain, the clap of his swift steed’s hooves and the force of his command frightened those kids — or supplicants — to produce more and more stories of the juiciest kind. ​

Kids gathered around to write stories for El Bibliodandido

​What resulted from this frenzy was a three-course meal meal of the most delicious stories: Superhero Pop-Up books, 9 word poems outfitted with their own dust-jacket, and clever little notebooks made out of the cardboard from cereal boxes into which you could draw a scavenger hunt annotating what you’d seen inside the museum that day. Instructions on how to make each can be downloaded here.

Children showcase their yummy stories ready for El Bibliobandido

Although it’s well known that El Bibliobandido vastly prefers the stories created by young children, the frenzy of bookmaking was so jubilant that many parents couldn’t help themselves from joining in. 

Parents also partook in the story making

Dozens of young children lined up to give authorities their first hand accounts of what they had witnessed.

Upon his return one hour later, a brave girl who had first negotiated with El Bibliobandido held up a pillowcase of offerings from the 600 believers. Seemingly delighted, the story-hungry bandit grabbed the offerings of stories and galloped off towards the horizon.  

But who knows where and when he will strike next! As the ancient adage (in the form of 9 words) goes, “We’re all starving for stories. Beware El Bibliobandido within." 

Denizens, stay on the lookout!  

El Bibliobandido's ransom