July 11, 2014

Blog: PAMM and Overtown Youth Center Prepare for El Bibliobandido's Arrival

Anticipating this Saturday’s arrival of El Bibliobandido, the story-eating bandit who terrorizes little kids until they write and offer him stories they’ve written, Studio REV- (lead artist: Marisa Jahn) facilitated a bookmaking workshop at PAMM with Miami’s finest from Overtown Youth Center.

After discussing the origins of this book-thieving villain, whose scariness they rated between a level 6 and 8, they prepared their own literary offerings lest El Bibliobandido strike Overtown.

Highlights included a 9-word poem by Faith, who ingeniously got away with 10 words: “Hot chilli pepper sauce, what in the name of…” They deliberated the source of existential angst in the poem “Squeaky sneaker, you wake the baby because you’re jealous.” (Was the sneaker jealous because babies get more attention for their noisiness? Was the sneaker envious of the baby’s newness and mortality?)

The group mused that if El Bibliobandido was going to strike Miami, he probably would go to Overtown first (everyone knows the kids in the Overtown Youth Center have the juiciest of stories). And if he did, it might even be an honor (but this was not to be publicly acknowledged). 

To increase this likelihood, they began choreographing a “Summoning Dance” at PAMM, replete with grapevine steps suggestive of a ravenous Bibliobandido, intimations of a galloping horse and a conga line. Luckily, a camera was on hand to document this spontaneous irruption of energy, which will be soon converted in a Miami-hot dance video. Stay tuned!