March 11, 2015

Blog: Watch the First Performance of WAVES "The Waiting Room in DJ Hell"

Watch the first performance of WAVES, "The Waiting Room in DJ Hell," featuring Physical TherapyGobby and Jeffrey Joyal. Get excited for the next performance of WAVES happening on Thursday, March 26, 2015 featuring multi-platinum recording artist Dawn Richard, and producer and Fade to Mind label head, Kingdom.

About WAVES:

As part of the museum’s time-based art initiative, PAMM launches WAVES, a series of specially-commissioned performances highlighting collaborations between musicians and artists across fields of dance, video and visual art. Together, they will create immersive installations that embrace sound as an essential part of the creative landscape. Considering the museum as site - its architecture, exhibitions, and diasporic communities - as well as continuous shifts in global networks and technology, these atmospheric environments serve as an entry point into a new field of visual language. With precedents ranging from opera to avant-garde ballet, these interdisciplinary forms synthesize stage design, visual and sonic components into “total works of art.” The series recognizes this creative activity taking place among a broader range of 21st century platforms from web to club to gallery, opening a conversation around various types of media specificity.