April 15, 2015

Blog: Watch Ed Clark Discuss his Painting Pink Wave

Ed Clark discusses his painting Pink Wave, a new acquisition by Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), announced at the Second Annual Reception for the PAMM Fund for African American Art on Thursday, April 1, 2015.

Distinguished by an exuberant use of color and powerful brushstrokes, Pink Wave exemplifies Ed Clark’s expressive signature style. Clark developed a unique painting method in the 1950s that combines painterly, sculptural, and performative techniques to create energetic compositions filled with texture and movement. He is known for placing dirty, unprimed canvases directly on the floor and using a broom to stain and splatter the fabric with paint, causing the density of the pigment to vary from watery to a creamy paste. In this way of working, also referred as action painting, the artist’s bodily gestures become an essential aspect of the work. An important innovator in the history of abstraction in the U.S., Clark is associated with Abstract Expressionism and the Color Field movement.