November 9, 2015

Blog: Watch "Art Talk: Manthia Diawara on 'Poetics of Relation'"

Manthia Diawara, a distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature and Film at New York University, discussed author and philosopher Édouard Glissant and his ideas that influenced Pérez Art Museum Miami's (PAMM) special exhibition, Poetics of Relation in an art talk held at PAMM on October 1, 2015.

Manthia Diawara is a prolific writer and filmmaker, and his film, "Édouard Glissant: One World in Relation," was screened daily in the museum's auditorium in conjunction with the exhibition Poetics of Relation

Diawara was educated in Mali and France, before immigrating to the United States. His essays and opinions in French and English, on photography, cinema, and politics, have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, LA Times, Liberation, Mediapart and Artforum. Some of his key films include Rouch in Reverse, Maison Tropicale and Édouard Glissant: One World in Relation. He is the author of two acclaimed memoirs, "In Search of Africa" and "We Won't Budge: An African in the World."​