March 3, 2017

Blog: Visitors Become Everyday Heroes through the Power of Words

You have the tools. During our January 2017 installment of PAMM Free Second Saturdays, three questions were posed to visitors as a way to remind us of the tools that we carry and how we can use them meaningfully:

What is a community or social issue that is important to you?
How can you be an everyday hero?
What is your power?

Art from Second Saturday

In an effort to prompt self-recognition and accountability, participants were asked to write down and share responses publicly. Themed around word power and superheroes, the questions fostered realizations and urgency. Participants constructed plans to tackle issues of interest through the lens of a journalist. The goal was to engage the public to tap into their own potentials, championing their individual ability to change things. 

Reaching for their color of choice, visitors wielded pencils mightier than swords.

Responses then became the subject matter for their Second Saturday Post. Visitors were asked to reflect and synthesize their thoughts into a front page newspaper headline. Constructed with family and friends, the newspaper served as a platform to talk about community and social issues.  

To combat the seemingly never-ending problems that we face today in the contemporary world, everyday heroes revealed their capes:

"By loving people for who they are even if they’re different from you”

“Helping people when they fall down”

“Being my Best! –Olivia”

“helping mommy”

Second Saturday art

Responses packed a punch. A wave of active citizens reached to new heights through the power of words.

"My Power is thoughtful."

"Art is my superpower”

"Power of teaching"

Second Saturday art

Fresh off the press, the headlines were challenging and thoughtful and triggered intergenerational discussions about how we treat others, homelessness, the environment, and racial injustice. Children and adults alike looked into their worlds to explore how they can be everyday heroes in their own communities.

At the end of the day, as visitors dashed, jumped, and flew out of the museum, a seemingly average Saturday was transformed into something heroic.

What is a community or social issue that is important to you? Share your thoughts with us on Instragram/Twitter #PAMM @pamm.

About Alex Zastera and Lorie Ofir
Alex and Lorie ​
Alex Zastera and Lorie Ofir are lead teaching artists and PAMM Teen Arts Council (PTAC) program facilitators at Pérez Art Museum Miami. They are both practicing artists in the city of Miami, favoring paint as their media. Lorie is an avid dolphin spotter, makes a mean quiche, and always thinks with a positive spin on things. Alex is wildly unafraid of a fashion statement, a height that keeps people looking up, and the glue that holds people together.