April 20, 2017

Blog: First Look of “Toba Khedoori” at PAMM

On Tuesday, April 18, 2017, Pérez Art Museum Miami welcomed guests for a special first-look private preview of the museum’s latest special exhibition, Toba Khedoori, with a tour led by Director Franklin Sirmans. The first-look preview was followed by a reception hosted by Krug, where guests enjoyed Krug champagne and hors d'oeuvres as they toasted the artist’s first survey in fifteen years.

Walid G Wahab

Walid G Wahab, Barbara Becker, Franklin Sirmans, & Juan Lopez Salaberry

Toba Khedoori First LookFranklin Sirmans Speaking

Adam, & Alexa Wolman, Barbara Becker, & Juan Lopez Salaberry

Franklin Sirmans SpeakingEduardo Muller, Yael Muller, Jessica Sirman, & Barbara Becker

Kellee Dawson, Michelle Rubell, & Ghazal YazdanparastToba Khedoori First Look 

Toba Khedoori explores the artist’s nuanced and powerful body of work. Born in Sydney, Australia in 1964, Khedoori has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 1990. Her early works are notable for their precise draftsmanship and for their use of negative space—often at a very large scale. Khedoori frequently depicts architectural forms from distanced perspectives, rendering commonplace objects and spaces familiar yet decontextualized. In recent years, she has transitioned from paper to canvas, producing smaller¬-scale works that hover between representation and abstraction. Like her earlier compositions, these works are enigmatic and acutely detailed; in an art world awash with rapidly moving images and saturated colors, Khedoori remains committed to the silent, slow, and exacting process of working by hand. The exhibition is the first major museum presentation of Khedoori’s new paintings and her first survey in fifteen years.

Photos by WorldRedEye.com


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