July 24, 2017

Blog: Artist Haroon Mirza Explains His Latest Commission, "A C I D G E S T"

Multimedia artist Haroon Mirza's A C I D G E S T has created a new multi-sensory experience in PAMM's double height gallery.

A C I D G E S T  takes its name from the phrase "acid test", (refering to the parties held in the 1960's where groups of people would come together to legally experiment with LSD). The piece consists of eight Marshall speakers which envelop the spectator. A specialized technical system then transmits an electrical current through speakers and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) act in coordination with one another so that different colors are activated by corresponding noise frequencies. This system produces a choreographed experience of sound and light based on a concrete poem the artist has created, which serves as a score for a dynamic installation that redefines our phenomenological experience of the space.

Haroon Mirza (b. 1977, London) works with audiovisual materials, electronic equipment, amplifiers, and found objects to create immersive environments and kinetic sculptures. His work amplifies phenomena that are often imperceptible––such as electricity––and seeks to create or distort the relationship between optics and acoustics, giving unexpected visual and sensorial analogs to what we hear. Mirza uses a particular visual and material vocabulary to modify architectural spaces, including colored neon and sculptural acoustic foam, creating installations that offer a precise, highly mediated experience of sound and light.