November 20, 2017

Blog: PAMM's Education Programs Highlighted at Reimagining the Museum: Conference of the Americas 2017

In early November, Adrienne Chadwick, Deputy Director of Education, and Marie Vickles, Knight Associate Director of Education Programs, represented PAMM at Reimagining the Museum: Conference of the Americas 2017 ​in Medellín, Colombia. 

Pérez Art Museum Miami was selected from over 170 applicants to present a case study on Art Detectives, an innovative arts-based learning experience, that brings together South Florida law enforcement and youth from under-served communities, sparking creative thinking and cross-community dialogue around one of our country’s most divisive issues: police interactions with young people of color.

Reimagining the Museum: Conference of the Americas 2017 is a convening that unites museum professionals from over 22 countries in Latin America and around the world. The conference is designed to offer examples of museum best practices and innovative case studies in institutional transformation as well as opportunities to learn how to initiate and manage change. The conference was held in Medellín, Colombia from November 1-3, 2017.