December 27, 2017

Blog: The Benefits of Storage for Your Art Collection Pieces

Many artists have precious pieces of art which they have created and cherish in their own collection. Often, artists or avid art enthusiasts have treasured art collections that grow and flourish over the years. These collections and pieces are very valuable, but, as with any item of art, they are susceptible to damage if they are not stored properly. The good news is that finding a brand new storage facility for your art collection with the amenities you need to protect your pieces is actually easy to do. You just need to know what you are looking for. To take advantage of all the amenities storage units offer, make sure you look for the following features.

Climate-Controlled, Indoor Storage Units
Indoor, climate-controlled storage units are by far one of the most crucial aspects artists should look for in a storage unit to protect their pieces. The paints, oils, and other materials (such as wood and different pieces of glassware) used in art pieces can often be impacted by varying temperatures, potentially compromising the integrity of the pieces in the collection. With climate-controlled storage, the temperature is carefully controlled to give you the perfect climate for all of your art and supplies. This relieves you of the responsibility of tedious tasks to properly care for your artwork.

The Varying Units for Your Art Collection
In addition to climate control, artists also want to find a storage facility which provides with different size options. Some paintings and sculptures are big enough that a standard storage unit is simply not large enough to accommodate their pieces. As an artist, you need the flexibility to choose a larger storage space to store different items in your collection while maintaining still being satisfied with climate control and indoor storage. 

Additional Features
In addition to the importance of climate-controlled and a variety of storage unit sizes, US Storage Center’s new Miami facility also offers amenities like large loading bays, electronic gate access, elevators, 24/7 video monitoring, moving supplies, and individually alarmed units. These precautions protect your belongings and ensure your art collections is properly monitored during the storage process. Find the perfect unit for you and your valuables at US Storage Centers’ brand new Miami facility today!