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August 15, 2013


Multimedia art collaborative LOS JAICHACKERS will debut a major performance, Night Shade/Solanaceae, at PAMM's Miami Art Week/Art Basel Miami Beach opening celebration on Thursday, December 5.  Leading up to the big event, The Port presents guest blogs by LOS JAICHACKERS with playlists, recipes and articles based on exotic night fruits, a major theme of Night Shade/Solanaceae

July 11, 2013

Film Screening: and Europe will be stunned by Yael Bartana

Among the most celebrated artists of her generation, Yael Bartana (b. 1970) lives between Tel Aviv and Berlin. Her critically acclaimed and Europe will be stunned is a trilogy of short films with which she represented Poland at the 54th Venice Biennale (2011). The three films—Mary Koszmary (Nightmares) (2007), Mur I wieza (Wall and Tower) (2009), and Zamach (Assassination) (2011)—will be screened for the first time in Miami as part of PAMM Summer Screenings.