Calendar: Oneohtrix Point Never featuring Nate Boyce

Event Description

PAMM presents an intimate concert by acclaimed electronic musician and composer Daniel Lopatin - Oneohtrix Point Never. The performance marks the musician's Miami debut, and will feature a live, improvised mix of visuals created by video artist Nate Boyce. Seats are limited and tickets are required. 

Photo by Timothy Saccenti

Photo by Timothy Saccenti

Acclaimed electronic musician and composer Daniel Lopatin - Oneohtrix Point Never - performs for the first time in Miami. For his highly-praised, most recent release, R Plus Seven, Lopatin assembles the sounds of corporate design - the sort found in commercial transitions, background music, and instructional videos- into songs that are as moving as they are conceptual. Awe, doom, and wonder arise from a range of referents - pipe organs and horns to the abstract, synthesized cues for soundtracked emotions.

At times recalling the circular repetitions of 20th century minimal composers, a point of suspense becomes series of stay-tuned notes, no longer vying for attention in their new formation, but drawing listeners into a new space, perhaps somewhere between the mind and an artificial consciousness. Not merely artifacts of once cutting-edge consumption, shifting sweeps of light and dark tones break or suddenly deteriorate like an image stretched and shedding pixels. To listen is to spiral, halt, swerve, and soar with forms that dissolve and resolve.

Some of these sounds are texts sourced from manuals, scripts, menus, and maps related to internet fiction. Chance procedures create scrambled phrases that are voiced by common text-to-speech software. The phrases then become randomly triggered sampler instruments. These methods point to the inspiration Lopatin finds in the techniques of Oulipo, an experimental literary group born in the 60s. He named R Plus Seven with a nod to N+7, a word replacement constraint that creates randomness through formula. The results for Lopatin are songs that are both structured and startling.

This performance will feature a live improvised mix of visuals created by video artist Nate Boyce. His CGI forms, some appearing as modernist sculpture or consumer products, mutate and morph in disorienting virtual space. As with Oneohtrix Point Never, Boyce uses found text, the names of towns made enigmatic and website banners cut up and layered throughout like visual poetry. The duo have toured together extensively performing together at venues, including MoMA/PS1, Walker Art Center, and Wexner Center for the Arts.