Event Description

Members of the art collective Yemenwed will discuss each of their roles within the group, as well as the role of “space” in their past projects; that which is imagined, virtual, sonic, and also physical.

Yemenwed, Sigrid Codicil, 2014
Yemenwed, Sigrid Codicil, 2014
Yemenwed is an art collective founded in 2006 in New York City. They create collaborative works, which synthesize the artistic focus of its varying members in the fields of architecture, painting, sculpture, animation, performance, and music. 

The group maintains an active interest in the vocabulary of mainstream popular culture and its conventions, as well as entertainment value and notions of beauty. Each piece invariably reflects the different personal aesthetic and conceptual interests of the individual artists forming the work.
Yemenwed has released several publications and has participated in exhibitions and performances at Palais de Tokyo, Tate Modern, MOMA P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art TBA:10, Performa 09, Fake Estate Gallery, 179 Canal, Hessel Museum of Art, Asia Song Society, and Jack Hanley Gallery, among other venues.
Yemenwed are PAMM Researchers-in-ResidenceThis is the second of three visits, culminating in a final commissioned project in November 2014.