Calendar: Toys! 2014_The Miami Project

Event Description

Register for Toys! 2014_The Miami Project, a creative workshop for Miami teens conducted by Iowa-based artist and educator Mitchell Squire, in collaboration with Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). It is the public component of Squire’s two-month summer residency at Cannonball in downtown Miami. The workshop will take place from July 18–20, 11am–3pm. 

Taking place in PAMM’s Padma and Raj Vattikuti Learning Theatre, Squire’s workshop will offer a set of design activities that allows participants to engage in the creative processes of making toys and games. In four-hour sessions on each of the three days, Squire and his team of assistants will mentor participants through projects framed by an understanding that toys give rise to greater meaning in our everyday lives, and embolden us to have significant and creative impact in the world. Workshop activities will foster hands-on participation in the collective development of common goals and the pairing of conceptual aspirations with issues such as available resources, allotted time and everyday skill sets. Students will deploy procedures and methodologies commonly utilized in the creative disciplines to achieve visually stunning and physical engaging objects and games.

Toys! 2014_The Miami Project will focus on two challenges over the three day weekend: the first will be the creation of a large-scale social game to which the public will be invited to play, and the other is a project tailored to the individual. Both projects will encourage participants to see the value of imaginative play, socialization and creativity. Based on the interdisciplinary studio that Squire created for the College of Design at Iowa State University, this public program will include a display of toys produced by former participants of the workshop, as well as selections from his university course:  tabletop figurative toys, shadow puppets, mechanical birds, nonsense floor games and the like.