Calendar: Museum Circle ARTrek: Guccivuitton & Studio Visits

Event Description

Please join us for a private tour of Scott Armetta’s solo exhibition 10a/10b at Guccivuitton, followed by visits to the studios of Aramis Gutierrez and Nicolas Lobo, offering participants the opportunity to meet the artists, engage in their creation process and learn about their art practice.

Scott Armetta, <em>Sunrise Event,</em> 2012.
Scott Armetta, Sunrise Event, 2012. Oil on canvas, 20 x 30 inches. Courtesy of Guccivuitton


Visit to Guccivuitton: 

Armetta’s paintings in 10a/10b at Guccivuitton depict uninhabited landscapes in South Florida. At first glance, the paintings court traditional landscape painting and the intentional framing, usually with found frames from thrift stores, indicate the artist’s intention to present his paintings within an accessible and conventional context. Yet, the paintings themselves are of a haunted and contrarian persuasion expressed through atmospheric gestures, ghost like smudges and stark brush strokes, employed along-side rendered objects. Armetta's obdurate position to the paradigm of landscape painting, offset by his curious forays into modernist constructs, contextualize him as an obstructionist to the type of fast image familiarized by Gerhard Richter. Coincidentally, this is also what makes his paintings refreshingly interesting. 

Studio Visits: 

Nicolas Lobo (b.1979, Los Angeles) draws inspiration from the invisible or unnoticed activities constantly at play in the urban environment, structuring our daily lives rigidly but in ways that remain by and large unknown to us. His exceptional sculpture, Terrazzo Glide Slope, belongs to the Collection of the Pérez Art Museum Miami, and is currently on view at the museum in Global Positioning Systems: Urban Imaginaries. He lives in Miami and graduated from the prestigious Cooper Union School of Art in New York in 2004.

Aramis Gutierrez (b.1975, Pittsburgh) has a strong interest in dramaturgy and cultural myths, which he addresses in his large scale paintings. His recent series End Game Aesthetics (2013) focused on the visual cultural legacy of the Cold War and its relationship to Classical dance. Along with fellow artists Loriel Beltran and Domingo Castillo, Gutierrez formed Guccivuitton in 2013. He lives in Miami and graduated from the prestigious Cooper Union School of Art in New York.