Calendar: Screening "Eat, for This Is My Body"

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Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Miami Film Festival, Michelange Quay’s evocative debut feature "Eat, for This is My Body" tells of the evolution of power in Haiti by exploring themes of poverty, sex, race and colonialism.

Eat For This is My Body
​Poster from "Eat, for This Is My Body" (2007). 

"Eat, for This Is My Body " begins with a breathtaking aerial swoop over Haiti that seems to beckon the pain of poverty, war, and revolution to thrive and wreak havoc on the serene land. The traumatic image of a woman struggling with an enormously pregnant stomach is soothed by images of waterfalls on the tropical island. The viewer is then plunged into the thick heat of a voodoo ceremony, a beautifully quiet burial ground, and finally into the bedroom of an isolated chateau, where an elderly white woman lies on her bed, ruminating about her motherly power over black children. When a troupe of young black boys arrives at the chateau, the colonial games of sex and race begin. The film tells of the evolution of power in Haiti and the colonial relationship between black boys and white women.