Calendar: WAVES: The Waiting Room in DJ Hell (Physical Therapy x Gobby x Jeffrey Joyal)

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As part of WAVES, producer and DJ Physical Therapy, musician and cartoonist Gobby and New York-based sculptor Jeffrey Joyal present an interactive installation in conjunction with the winter release of Physical Therapy’s “The Waiting Room in DJ Hell,” a record inspired by a fictional purgatory-within-a-purgatory – a waiting room in Hell reserved exclusively for DJs.

 WAVES: The Waiting Room in DJ Hell
Photo by Julia Birmingham
 WAVES: The Waiting Room in DJ Hell
Photo by Julia Birmingham

This winter, Physical Therapy will release “The Waiting Room in DJ Hell”, a record inspired by a fictional purgatory-within-a-purgatory – a waiting room in Hell reserved exclusively for DJ’s. The installation is an interactive space designed collaboratively by Physical Therapy, cartoonist Gobby, and sculptor Jeffrey Joyal. In the waiting room, visitors enter a Miami purgatory, where DJ’s await their turn for eternal punishment for their late night sins. Flamingos suspended in an eternal state of limbo, reclaimed waiting room furniture, and gruesome cartoon wallpaper illustrate the liminal space. In a city where the seasons never change, uncertainty becomes torture as the audience waits for the beat to drop; the payoff never arrives.

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy is Daniel Fisher, the New Jersey born and raised producer/DJ. Physical Therapy is known for a constantly shifting, abstracted take on club music as well as a unique visual identity accompanying his sound from music videos to press photos. PT has released on labels like Fifth Wall, Unknown to the Unknown, and Hippos in Tanks as well as running his own Allergy Season label out of Berlin and New York. In addition to extensive touring in North America and Europe, Physical Therapy has performed at or provided sound for works exhibited at MoMA, MoMa PS 1, OHWOW Gallery, Museum of Art & Design New York, The Power Plant Museum Toronto, MOCAtv and The New Museum. Additionally he has worked with visual artists such as Korakrit Arunanondchai, Carissa Rodriguez, Dis Magazine, Hood by Air, Telfar & Thunder Horse Video.

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Gobby is Boston born musician and cartoonist with releases on UNO NYC and 1080p. His music combines an abstract take on industrial noise, gritty left-field pop, techno and hip-hop.  Gobby's cartoons, illustrations, and puppetry are based around twisted and hyper-sexualized narratives -- this can be seen in his first commercially available comic Dancing Cactus and his upcoming graphic novel Detritus. Gobby's most recent show at New York's Shoot the Lobster gallery received praise from Art in America and Art Forum. His odd approach to music and art has led him to collaborate with numerous artists including Hype Williams, James K, Physical Therapy and Korakrit Arunanondachi. His latest project sees Mykki Blanco & Gobby formally partner up as Gay Dog Food. 

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Jeffrey Joyal 
Jeffrey Joyal, a New York based sculptor, bases his practice around an investigation of time, durability, and decay through life casting. In his sculptures, Joyal makes casts using an oil based clay that never cures and gesturally reworks the "wet" clay (a material generally used by special effect artists to render prosthetics) as a way of altering reality and giving a new narrative to a now abstracted version of truth. Jeffrey Joyal has exhibited in New York City, Mexico City, London and Boston at Shoot the Lobster, Bedstuy Love Affair, Preteen Gallery, Public House Projects.


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