Calendar: Art Talk: Nicolas Lobo in Conversation with Curator René Morales

Event Description

Miami-based artist Nicolas Lobo speaks about his new project gallery installation, The Leisure Pit, with PAMM Curator René Morales.

Lobo will put into context the physical preparation of the mixed-media sculptures, which are cast inside a swimming pool, with his interest in the intersections of cultural, technological, and corporeal systems of consumption. Lobo will detail how the large set of concrete forms relates to a couple levels of imagery, including massive storm drain components as well as the Versace logo and it’s relation to the legendary strain of the drug Ecstasy. Morales and Lobo will explain how the exhibit points to the demands of private leisure activities on public infrastructural systems.   

About Nicolas Lobo

Lobo’s research-intensive, process-oriented production begins with deep immersion in a broad spectrum of topics, from fringe subcultures and hidden networks—the Raëlian movement, the Go-Go dance scene, illicit pirate radio—to points of friction within the urban milieu—transnational multi-service shops, illegal drug fabrication sites, informal markets. The list of materials he has employed ranges from grape-flavored cough syrup to play-dough, terrazzo, Napalm, and a defunct soft drink with supposed aphrodisiac qualities. In recent years, the Miami-based artist has focused on ways in which the human body extends into socioeconomic space, and vice versa.

Nicolas Lobo has exhibited at international venues including the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, Marlborough Chelsea, the de la Cruz Collection, Lisa Cooley Gallery, the NADA art fair and ARTIS in the Netherlands. In addition, Lobo has recently published an artist book through [Name] publications and released an audio cassette through Augurari. Nicolas Lobo received a BFA from The Cooper Union in 2004, he now lives and works in Miami.

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