Calendar: ScreenDance Miami: Program II at PAMM

Event Description

PAMM is partnering with Tigertail Productions to screen eight short dance works created for the camera as part of ScreenDance Miami. This year's films were selected by a panel of four screen dance experts.

Heidi Latsky’s film Soliloquy will be on view in the Vattikuti Learning Theater in conjunction with ScreenDance Miami programming.

Pioneer winter is a Miami-based choreographer, filmmaker and director of the Pioneer winter Collective. He is deeply invested in physical theater, contemporary dance, interdisciplinary collaboration and transmedia.


Exquisite Corps, 5:49 minutes
Filmmaker: Mitchell Rose; Choreographers: Bebe Miller, David Dorfman, Victoria Marks, Kyle Abraham, Andrea Miller, Joe Goode, Sara Pearson, Pavel Zuštiak, Doug Varone, Liz Lerman, David Rousseve, Kate Weare, Ann Carlson, Stephan Koplowitz, Larry Keigwin, Mark Dendy, Sidra Bell, Vicky Shick, Susan Marshall, Faye Driscoll, Claire Porter, Beth Gill, Jonah Bokaer, Lionel Popkin, Elizabeth Streb, Ivy Baldwin, Jane Comfort, Meredith Monk, Zoe Scofield, Annie-B Parson, Deborah Hay, Miguel Gutierrez, Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland, John Jasperse, Sean Curran, Neil Greenberg, Pat Graney, Stephen Petronio, Eiko Otake, Daniel Ezralow and Brian Brooks.
42 American contemporary choreographers link together on a chain love letter to dance.

Mon Corps a Dos, 8:16 minutes  
Filmmaker: Gaëlle Hannebicque; Choreographer: Georgina Alcantara
"She twists me, bends me, transforms my body. This curved spine, this hump on my back cutting off my wings, sticking to my skin, like a shedding that will not occur… My scoliosis."

Containment, 1:37 minutes  
Filmmaker: Moira Holohan; Choreographer: Niurca Marquez

Holohan and Marquez, with musician Jose Luis de la Paz, collaborate in a tactile video animation that weaves experimental video techniques with site informed flamenco contemporáneo and the disembodied voice to collapse the distance between recycled intention and craft.

Gimp Gait, 5:06 minutes
Filmmaker/Choreographer: Pioneer Winter
A solo for two: our fleshy bodies operate in tandem (surrogates to one another) without wheelchair to facilitate gesture, mechanics. Notice every part of our bodies – the similarities and differences. This is Marjorie – she wants you to witness her. This is Pioneer – he is performing Marjorie's power.

Solar Duplex, 10:32 minutes
Filmmaker/Choreographer: Victoria Marks
Two dancers inhabit the same space but rarely acknowledge one another. Connected through rhythm, and the awareness that the other is there, vocabulary is generated from curling and expanding movements of the spine that expand from simple "open and close" to intimate actions of pleasure and public actions of performance.

The Stairs, 2:30 minutes
Filmmakers: Gus Reed and Caitlin Trainor; Choreographer: Caitlin Trainor
A collaboration between choreographer Caitlin Trainor and filmmaker Gus Reed, featuring eight dancers navigating an everyday location untethered from any stable laws of space and time.

Promenade, 8:50 minutes  
Filmmaker: Cirila Luz Ferron; Choreographer: Florencia Olivieri
"They are time, 
Silence and space. 
They are angles, 
Darkness and light. 
And also colours. 
They are vertices 
Doors and windows 
Floors and ceilings 
They are their home. 
Their bodies, the architecture of their being and their lives."

Ravages, 13:58 minutes
Filmmaker/Choreographer: Alan Lake
A kind of abstract tale, inviting the viewer to dive into the raw and fragile world of a symbolic epic where the human confronts what is perishable or unchangeable.

Film Installation:

Heidi Latsky’s film Soliloquy is an entry into the world of a cast of physically diverse dancers. Through elegant landscapes, intimate portraits, quiet stillness, frenetic bursts, and dynamic dancing, the work defies our preconceptions about dance, revealing virtuosity and beauty in unexpected ways. Soliloquy will be on view in the Vattikuti Learning Theater from 10am-3:15pm; 5:30pm-6:30pm.

Heidi Latsky, an artistic director, choreographer and performer, originally from Montreal, first received recognition as a celebrated principal dancer for the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company (1987-1993). Her experience there profoundly influenced her style and her philosophy of dance as she developed a reputation in her own right as a choreographer for stage, theater, and film. In 2001, she founded her own company, Heidi Latsky Dance (HLD). During the fall of 2006, Latsky began an intensive period of creation with bi-lateral amputee, Lisa Bufano. This marked a significant shift of focus for HLD and a period of immense growth, during which she more fully developed the company’s mission and vision. HLD received an ARC grant through Pentacle that included mentoring Latsky for a period of 18 months, and in 2009 she was chosen by Creative Capital Foundation as one of four choreographers nationally to receive a three-year award for her evening-length work, GIMP. In 2014, she was selected as the first participant in "Dance for Film on Location at Montclair State University," a three-year short film series underwritten by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The film premiered as part of the company's live show at Peak Performances in April 2015.

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