Calendar: Screening: Liberty in a Soup

Event Description

In celebration of Haitian Heritage Month and Haitian Flag Day, PAMM will screen "Liberty in a Soup," a documentary conceived and produced by filmmaker Dudley Alexis. "Liberty in a Soup" reveals the origin of the "Soup Joumou" and its connection with the Haitian Revolution and Haiti's Independence Day. Savoring this dish is a moment of great conviviality among Haitians and it marks the emergence of a new society that recognizes the freedom and equality of all individuals. On the terrace, catch PAMM Third Thursdays: Poplife Social ft. Symbi Roots.

Dudley Alexis is an independent filmmaker whose passion is bringing to the world little- known facts about his native land Haiti, while also dispelling certain misconceptions by shedding a light on a rich Haitian culture and the African Diaspora experience at large. He wrote, filmed, directed and edited "Liberty in a Soup," which he completed in early 2016. The documentary was inspired by a chance encounter with a West African cab driver who questioned Alexis about the fame and significance of Soup Joumou, the national dish of Haiti, which commemorates the island nation's independence from France.

"Liberty in a Soup" is Alexis' first feature documentary. His previous works include short documentaries/ narratives, a post-production producer for the Miccosukee Magazine - which showcased the life of the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida and other local South Florida issues. He continues to use his medium as a tool for social awareness and change.