Calendar: Local Views at PAMM: Ya La'Ford

Event Description

Join us for our in-gallery tour program, Local Views at PAMM, where select local artists will speak about 3-5 works of art currently on view at the museum. This month, artist Ya La'Ford will lead the tour.

Unlike our traditional academic discussions, Local Views at PAMM gives visitors a first-hand interaction with local artists by creating conversations centered around art and the creative process. This casual 30-minute conversation is offered on the fourth Thursday of each month.

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About Ya La'Ford
Ya Levy-La'ford (b. 1979, Bronx, NY) is known for site-specific installations of her bold, geometric paintings. She builds each work with a unique vocabulary of intersecting lines and gestural repetition. Her labyrinth patterns are both an exploration of self and place, as well as a reflection of her Jamaican background. Complex yet minimal, La'ford's work emphasizes contrasts between light and dark, and positive and negative space. La'ford has exhibited her work in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa, and has been the recipient of numerous awards. She earned her BFA Cum Laude in Painting at Florida State University; a JD from Levin College of Law, University of Florida; and received her MFA with Honors in Interdisciplinary Art from the Art Institute, Boston. She lives and works in Bronx, NY, and St. Petersburg.