Calendar: ScreenDance Miami: Program III Screenings

Event Description

PAMM will collaborate with Miami Light Project to host the fifth year of ScreenDance Miami, a festival that takes place each January and highlights choreographers and directors who are working with emerging and new concepts in regard to movement and dance on film and dance on camera. The festival was originally produced by Tigertail and directed by Pioneer Winter and in this fifth year will continue to be directed by Pioneer Winter, produced by Miami Light Project. PAMM will host it's Florida Focus and Dance Abroad portions.

12pm- Florida Focus

Films submitted to ScreenDance Miami 2018 open call and selected by panel.

Black Stains, 13:26
*Winner of ScreenDance Miami 2018 Jury Award*
Florida, 2017
World Premiere Chor: Trent D. Williams, Jr.
Dir: Tiffany Rhynard

Home, 06:52
Florida, 2017
World Premiere
Chor: Dale Andree
Dir: Dale Andree, Miana Jun

Docked, 03:20
Florida, 2017
World Premiere
Chor and Dir: Maya Billig

Little Red/All Red, 07:36
Florida, 2016
World Premiere
Chor: Niurca Márquez with Lucia Arantanha, Valentina Gallo, Nelson Bebe Leiva
Dir: Niurca Márquez

Impetus, 05:07
Florida, 2017
World Premiere
Chor: Jesús Carmona
Dir: Lulo Rivero

Follow.At.Randy, 02:31
Florida, 2017
World Premiere
Chor and Dir: Marissa Alma Nick

Heron, 05:01
Florida, 2016
World Premiere
Chor: Roxana Barba
Dir: Roxana Barba and Claudio Marcotulli

Home, 07:50
Florida, 2017
Chor and Dir: Jenny Larsson

Selfness, 04:35 Florida, 2016
Florida Premiere
Chor: Isis Masoud, Eliana Girard, Alex Anderson
Dir: Isis Masoud

2pm- Dance Film Abroad

Films submitted to ScreenDance Miami 2018 open call and selected by panel.

Listen, 02:45
Detroit, 2016
Created for Moving 24FPS
Chor: Jennifer Harge
Dir: Ryan Kerr

Party of One, 06:07
Detroit, 2017
Created for Moving 24FPS
Chor: Kristi Faulkner
Dir: Natasha Beste

Exodus, 03:36
Spain, 2017
Florida Premiere
Chor and Dir: Aida Colmenero Diaz

Towards Forever, 05:14
California, 2017
World Premiere
Chor and Dir: Iris Pell

Catch Me, 03:29
United Kingdom, 2017
World Premiere
Chor: Andrea Coppone, Cinzia Sita, Sophia S.D.
Dir: Fenia Kotsopoulou

Dido, 05:55
Greece, 2017
World Premiere
Chor: Fenia Apostolou
Dir: Konstantinos Fourkiotis

Cubed, 03:29
Ohio, 2017
World Premiere
Chor: Susan Van Pelt Petry
Dir: Mitchell Rose

Tempus Fugit, 04:06
Spain, 2016
Florida Premiere
Chor: Anna Borràs Picó
Dir: Marta Arjona Blasco

In Traverse, 04:39
New York, 2017
Florida Premiere
Chor: Danielle Kipnis, Katie Wiegman
Dir: Daniel Yankiver

Metamorphosis of Plants, 04:36
Poland, 2016
Chor: Patryk Walczak
Dir: Urszula Zajaczkowska

The Double, 01:28
Netherlands, 2016
Florida Premiere
Chor: Dalton Dangelo Jansen
Dir: Nicola Hepp

Querencia, 07:06
Missouri, 2017
Florida Premiere
Chor: Sarah Wilcoxon, Jocelyn Perez Dir: Quinlan Orear, Sarah Wilcoxon

Pioneer Winter is a Miami-based choreographer, and director of the Pioneer Winter Collective. His Collective provides a platform for risk-taking, progressive, and experimental projects by democratizing performance through unexpected bodies, unexpected places, and unexpected social change. Through his Collective, Winter also directs/produces several programs, including Leaders of Equality through Arts and Performance (LEAP), for LGBTQ-identifying teens and their allies that focuses on using the arts for activism and social change; and the Grass Stains fellowship, a site-specific performance initiative that mentors and commissions artists interested in creating site-based and public artwork in Miami through a close collaboration with acclaimed site choreographer Stephan Koplowitz.

In 2016, he was appointed director of Tigertail Production's ScreenDance Miami Festival and has continued as director with its transition to Miami Light Project's programming. His own films works have been screened at festivals internationally, most recently in the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival, LA Dance Film Festival, ScreenDance Miami, Miami Film Festival, Cucalorus Film Festival, Corvallis Queer Film Festival, Tiny Dance Film Festival, Chicago Feminist Film Festival, Jacksonville Dance Film Festival, Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes y Arte sobre Enfermedades in Valencia, Spain, and American Dance Festival's Movies by Movers.

A Horatio Alger Scholar, he is an alumnus of the Florida International University Honors College, and holds a Masters in Public Health and Epidemiology. Winter completed a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography from Jacksonville University/White Oak, as the first artist to be named a Dennis R. Washington Achievement Scholar. He was a Dance Miami Choreographic Program recipient (2014-2015) and Miami Goes Elsewhere Fellowship recipient (2016), and is a fellow and faculty member in the FIU Honors College Department. He was also awarded a commission and residency for the inaugural 2017-2018 season of the MDC Live Arts Lab Alliance.