Calendar: PAMM Free Community Night: Haitian Heritage Night

Event Description

As part of PAMM Free Community Night, join us for a Haitian Heritage Month celebration in collaboration with Maximillian Consultants Inc. Enjoy performances by Akoustik, The Nancy St Leger NSL Danse Ensemble, and Rara Lakay, a live set by DJ Whiskey Chick, craft demonstrations, and more.

Inside the museum, be sure to check out our latest exhibition, The World’s Game: Fútbol and Contemporary Art.

Schedule of Events:

5-9pm: Art-making
5-9pm: Haitian heritage photo montage in auditorium
5-10pm: Craft display (Kay Atizan, Caribbean Craft)
5-7pm: DJ Whiskey Chick
5-7pm: Prestige beer tasting
6-6:45pm: Paper mache demonstration
7-7:45pm: Metal work demonstration 
7-8:30pm: Akoustik performance 
8:30-9pm: Nancy St Leger NSL Danse Ensemble performance
8:30-9pm: Rara Lakay
9-10pm: Rara Lakay and Akoustik jam session

About Akoustik
Founded in June 2014, Akoustik is one of the newest bands in Haiti's music scene. They quickly gained the heart of their followers with their eclectic and ever growing playlist composed of musical genres ranging from blues, jazz to rock, and konpa. The band is composed of two lead singers, Joel Pierrevil and Elder Charlot; a bass player, David Casseus; one lead guitarist, Sebastien Denis; and a drummer, Ricardo 'sexy big' Dumont. Still very young, Akoustik has been acknowledged by some of Haiti's greatest musical tenors.

About DJ Whiskey Chick
Jessica, aka The Whiskey Chick, is a serial entrepreneur who currently owns Where's The Whiskey? (@wheres.the.whiskey), a marketing platform strictly geared towards wine and spirits around the world, where digital and content marketing are the main focus. As a DJ, she enjoys being able to provide great vibes for the audience.

About Caribbean Craft
Caribbean Craft is a for-profit enterprise dedicated to promoting the beauty of Haiti through artworks which capture the symbols, colors, wildlife, and folklore of the Haitian people. They produce, sell, and export original art pieces handmade by local artists—from free-standing sculptures to wall hangings. Each piece is handmade with love by a skilled artist from Haiti while production and distribution is overseen by award-winning social entrepreneur Magalie Noel Dresse. Caribbean Craft provides a real livelihood to an artisan community of more than 400 in Haiti.

About The Nancy St Leger NSL Danse Ensemble
The Nancy St Leger NSL Danse Ensemble is a local performance collective dedicated to the preservation of authentic Haitian folkloric dance. NSL dancers perform a wide variety of dances originating from Haiti's long history of independence, pride, and cultural wealth. In bright, beautiful costumes, the dancers' bold, energetic movements can transform any room into a stage.