Calendar: Creative Time Summit

Event Description

Join us for a day of group discussions, workshops, and panels as a part of The Creative Time Summit at PAMM and various locations around Miami. Intended to supplement the first day of presentations, and to bring new urgencies into discussion, attendees are invited into a more intimate space of exchange to share specific tools and tactics that make creative, progressive praxis possible.

Sessions cover an array of thematic content from indigenous knowledge and inclusivity in cultural venues to environmental justice and queer interventions in public space, and offer time and space for participants to learn, discuss, and connect in smaller groups. These sessions are organized and led by artists, activists, writers, and community leaders from the Greater Miami Area who were selected via an open call; they also feature sessions led by our Summit advisors and international presenters. Co-Presented with Art in Public Places of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, with leading support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Sessions hosted at PAMM are a part of the Creative Time Summit and require a ticket to attend.

Get your tickets for the full conference program! Tickets are available from $25-300 and guarantee you access to the full lineup of Summit programming between November 1-3, including presentations, performances and film screenings by artists, activists, and cultural producers from Miami and around the world.

Register for "Speculating in Futures," a breakout session centered around PAMM's AR exhibition, Invasive Species, here.

About the Creative Time Summit

The Creative Time Summit is an annual convening for thinkers, dreamers, and doers working at the intersection of art and politics. Functioning as a roving platform, The Summit brings together artists, activists, and other thought leaders engaging with today's most pressing issues. Presenting a critical range of perspectives, The Summit provides strategies for social change in local and global contexts.

Launched in New York City in 2009, the Creative Time Summit was the first major international platform for socially engaged art and has since grown to encompass an expanded field—featuring a range of multidisciplinary practices from music to policy making. To date, the Summit has hosted over 10,000 live attendees and hundreds of luminaries on its stage, including legendary art critic Lucy Lippard, Academy Award winning filmmaker Laura Poitras, MacArthur "Genius" award winning contemporary artist Carrie Mae Weems, multidisciplinary Russian collective Chto Delat? (What is to be Done?), #BlackLivesMatter co-founder Alicia Garza, renowned scholar, literary theorist, and feminist critic Gayatri Spivak, and President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani. Just as significantly, the Summit is also a forum for emerging artists and thinkers to debut ideas and projects.

About Creative Time Summit 2018

The 11th Creative Time Summit, an annual convening for thinkers, dreamers, and doers working at the intersection of art and politics will be held in Miami for the first time this November 1-3, 2018. Titled On Archipelagos and Other Imaginaries—Collective Strategies to Inhabit the World, it takes coalition as a central theme, and utilizes the archipelago as a framework to delve into Miami's historical connection to the Caribbean and, by extension, to Latin America and the entire world. The topics under discussion will range from immigration and borders to climate realities, notions of intersectional justice, gentrification, tourism as an enabler for neocolonialism, and the roles art and activism can play in all these pressing issues.

The Summit will be made up of four thematic sections: "Facing climate realities, reimagining a green future," "Toward an intersectional justice," "Resisting displacement and violence," and "On boundaries and a borderless future."

These themes will be explored through community-driven breakout sessions, social events, roundtable discussions, workshops, panels, field trips, interactive performances, screenings, and other creative formats designed to share tools, strategies, and actions with over 1,000 international and local attendees.

The Summit will hold its inaugural Film Series in Miami-Beach, featuring showings by filmmakers from the Miami-Florida area, the Caribbean, Latin America, and beyond, highlighting the richness and diversity of independent filmmaking. The selected films broadly engage with the major themes of this year's Summit, encouraging thoughtful conversations around borders and migration, ecological struggles, gender politics, and economic inequality. ​