Calendar: PAMM Free Second Saturdays: Our Collective Message

Event Description

Join us for a free day of activities centered around community, social issues, and American democracy.

Inspired by the contemporary video work by artist Arthur Jafa, think about current social issues that matter to you. How do we reflect on these issues and how do we move forward – both individually and collectively? Respond by creating a unique visual statement with a For Freedoms lawn sign. Inspired by politician's campaign lawn signage, For Freedoms lawn sign activations encourage participants to produce and publicly display their own definition of freedom by filling out signs that say: Freedom Of..., Freedom From..., Freedom For..., and Freedom To…

Community Partners
As part of the program, join us in celebrating local artist Stuart Sheldon's featured work, which is a part of the 50 State Initiative by For Freedoms, a platform for greater participation in the arts and in civil society. Inspired by American artist Norman Rockwell's paintings of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Four Freedoms (1941), For Freedoms uses art to encourage and deepen public explorations of freedom in the 21st century. Founded by Hank Willis Thomas and Eric Gottesman, For Freedoms encourages new forms of critical discourse. Its mission is to use art as a vehicle to build greater participation in American democracy. /

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PAMM Free Second Saturdays: Our Collective Message