Calendar: Liliana Porter: Films

Event Description

PAMM presents a special five-week screening program consisting of several films by artist Liliana Porter (b. 1941, Buenos Aires; lives in New York). In conjunction with Porter's installation El hombre con el hacha y otras situaciones breves – Venecia 2017—currently on view—PAMM will screen one of Porter's short films in the auditorium each week. Porter's films consist of brief vignettes, each one depicting characters played by inanimate objects and figurines engaged in fictional dialogues or other similar situations. These inanimate actors have different origins but reappear throughout Porter's practice. These recurrent subjects are examined by the artist through a process that involves humor, self-awareness, compassion, pity, and hope.

Film Schedule:

February 25–March 3, 2019

For you/Para Usted, 1999

16 min.


March 4–March 10, 2019


19 min.


March 11–March 17, 2019

Fox in the Mirror/El Zorro en el Espejo, 2007

20 min., 18 sec.


March 18–March 24, 2019

Matineé, 2009

20 min., 45 sec.


March 25–March 31, 2019

Actualidades/Breaking News, 2016

22 min.​