Calendar: Local Views at PAMM: Morel Doucet

Event Description

Join us for our in-gallery tour program, Local Views at PAMM, where select local artists will speak about a few works of art currently on view at the museum. This month, Morel Doucet will lead the tour. 

Local Views at PAMM gives visitors a first-hand interaction with local artists by creating conversations centered around art and the creative process. This casual 30-minute conversation takes place on the last Thursday of each month.​

About Morel Doucet

Morel Doucet (b. Haiti, 1990) is an interdisciplinary ceramicist whose work encompasses mix media drawings, ceramic installations, and writing that converges flora and fauna of the outside world with identity and consciousness of the inside world. Drawing inspiration from nature's paradoxical beauty, Doucet aims to create work that not only stands out for its regal impact but also for its sensitivity. Using direct or suggested human figures, Doucet is interested in exploring narratives of vulnerability from environmental pollutions, the displacement between descendants of the African diaspora and their physical environment, and alienation from climate impact such as seawater rise.​

Doucet's newest body of work examines what kin means to his identity. Throughout one year, Doucet has been visiting black and brown spaces in South Florida such as Little Haiti, Overtown, Allapattah and Liberty City to gather plants from the inner-city neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are changing rapidly with the threat of climate gentrification and community displacement from developers but what is constant is the vegetation. The trees, plants, and flowers are gatekeepers of time; they anchor the dreams and hopes of these communities. So while the people may cease to exist from these sites, the plant will always harbor their legacy and memory of the space thus becoming a carbon footprint and kin of ancestry identity.​

Doucet's work has been featured and reviewed in Hyperallergic, Beautiful/Decay Magazine, TrendHunter Art & Design, Oxford University Press, The Miami Herald, The Miami Times, and Indulge Magazine. Doucet current endeavor as the Curriculum and Tour Coordinator at the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami (ICA MIAMI) is helm by an interest in immersing young audiences in personalized experiences that instigate curiosity, visual literacy and practical senses (sight, hearing, touch) as learning tools. He believes that through collaborative and explorative learning students can develop critical thinking skills and abilities to assess their understanding of the world around them.​