Calendar: Tout-Monde Festival 2019

Event Description

Tout-Monde Festival, a multidisciplinary contemporary arts festival that creates new opportunities for Caribbean contemporary artists, will return to PAMM for its second year of programming. Enjoy a selection of Caribbean short films curated by Jonathan Ali of Third Horizon Film Festival followed by a Q&A session with film directors Fanny Glissant and Ian Harnarine. Following the film program, meet us on PAMM's East Portico steps to experience Yué#Sorority, a powerful work of feminine and artistic engagement in a tormented context of social movements and climate change. Yué#Sorority is a climate dance and installation created by Myriam Soulanges, Anne Meyer, and Guy Gabon, performed by women of Miami.

Caribbean Short Films curated by Third Horizon
6pm–7:30pm | PAMM Auditorium

Our Shadows' Whispers | Samuel Tanda/Guadeluope/26'/2018
In a small country house, between woods and cane fields, Julia, a young mother, tries to preserve the unity of her family made unstable by an absent and alcoholic father. However, the memory of tragic buried incidents resurfaces, forcing Julia to confront fears as mysterious as they are worrying.

Enopek | Khris Burton/Martinique/5'/2018
After the unrestricted use of an insecticide on its banana plantations, Martinique became heavily contaminated. Despite a ban on the insecticide in 1990, the island's powerful plantation owners lobbied for the right to continue its use for several more years. Enopek is an imaginative exploration of this reality.

La Perla: After Maria | Clari Lewis/Puerto Rico/22'/2018
La Perla, a famous barrio of San Juan, was not spared the brutality of Hurricane Maria, which in 2017 became the strongest storm to hit Puerto Rico in a hundred years. Three months on from Maria residents recall the worst event of their lives, as they discover both the courage to go on and a new sense of community spirit. Co-produced by the Alliance Française of Puerto Rico. 

Viré | Hugo Rousselin/Guadeloupe/19'/2016
Isaac, a young Guadeloupean man, is struggling to properly mourn his dead brother, Legba. One day while under the sea spearfishing, Isaac has a vision that takes him to the limits of his subconscious, and starts him on a journey of renewal with his origins.

Caroni | Ian Harnarine/Trinidad and Tobago/8'/2018
In New York City, Rajni is a homesick nanny to an upper-middle-class family. She keeps in touch with her own daughter, Mosaic, back in Trinidad by video-chatting with her. When Mosaic realizes that her mother will not be there for her birthday party, Rajni obsesses over how she can join her.

7:30pm | PAMM East Portico

Yué is the name of all the women who ever invest and occupy with their body a piece of public space. Myriam Soulanges and Anne Meyer found the bodies and gestures of Yué thanks to stories of women they met during residencies in French Guiana and Guadeloupe. Those stories are on the verge of being forgotten. Soulanges and Meyer show a work of feminine/artistic engagement in a tormented context of social movements and climate change. Hurricanes Irma and Maria influence the project, as well as Guy Gabon's work. Forced migrations increase women's vulnerability and exacerbates inequalities. The choreographic thread of Yué#sorority is reconstructed in each new space and city with local performers. The piece adapts to the context, to the bodies, to the stories of local women to create a common and participative composition of the group.