Calendar: PAMM Free Community Night: Haitian Heritage: ROUTE 1804, Evolution of the Beat

Event Description

ROUTE 1804, Evolution of the Beat is a curated encounter at PAMM highlighting all that makes Haitian history and music diverse, unique, beautiful, and indispensable. Come dance to the rhythms of Little Haiti's own Rara Lakay, and international sensation DJ Gardy's unique blend of konpa, rara, traditional Haitian music, electronic and house beats. DJ Gardy has developed a new genre of dance music called "Rara Tech" as an experimental genre that introduces traditional Haitian music into the contemporary electronic dance music world. Featured community partners include the Rara Institute of Music, Radical Partners, The Music Access Fellowship, and Sounds of Little Haiti, which will join this event to celebrate Haitian heritage and music.

About DJ Gardy
Gardy Girault possesses a deep love for his country and mixes beats to showcase her strength and beauty, promoting Haitian culture to the world. He has been involved with music from an early age, but the earthquake of January 2010 drove him to begin producing. His signature blend of Haitian beats (like rara, raisin, konpa, etc) and electronic music has been coined rara tech creating a new vibe in the music world. He is an innovator and his intertwining of magical melodies and beautiful rhythmic roots of Haiti with modern and retro electronic music has drawn the attention of the international music scene. 

He keeps himself evolving, performing everywhere around the world, at the major venues in USA, France, Canada, Belgium, Panama, Cuba, and more. His tracks are available on iTunestraxsource, and Beatport. His sounds are available on SoundCloud:


Natif $5
Epis spiced shrimp skewers $8
Epis spiced chicken skewers $8
Fried plaintains with pikliz relish $5
Haitian style rice and beans $5
Ginger cookies with coconut cream $4