Calendar: PAMM Free Community Night: Nerd Nite

Event Description

Join us for the Nerd Nite Miami Museum Tour presented by Ironhack! From April to August, Nerd Nite will be hosted by a different museum around Miami each month. Enjoy a night of fun-yet-informative presentations while drinking along (it's like the Discovery Channel… with beer!) Come grab a drink and learn something new!

Speakers for the evening include Jeff Carroll speaking on "Black Dreams Matter: Understanding the Black Sci-FI Movement", Julie Tyler speaking on "The News Often Lies, But Fiction Always tells the Truth," and Emilie Stump speaking on "Seahorses: The Magical Creatures in our Backyard." 

Participate in an interactive art experience with artist Crystal Alyssa Rodriguez to manipulate your own physical "echo chamber" inspired by Jose Carlos Martinat's installation on view, American Echo Chamber (2018). ​​

"Black Dreams Matter: Understanding the Black Sci-Fi Movement" by Jeff Carroll
Learn about the importance of the black sci-fi movement, the case for diversity of speculative thought, and gain a deeper understanding of black science fiction.

Jeff Carroll is a sci-fi writer and filmmaker, pioneering what he calls hip-hop horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. His stories always have lots of action and a social edge.

"The News Often Lies, But Fiction Always Tells the Truth" by Julie Tyler 
The ability to tell stories is one of humankind's most important accomplishments. In all their forms, stories give a voice to our deepest concerns and greatest aspirations. Now, amidst the noise of fake news and endless social media rants, fiction does what it always has—tell the truth. In this presentation, you'll learn 1) why classic works like "Nineteen-Eighty-Four" and "The Handmaid's Tale" are topping bestseller lists, 2) which new releases in fiction are carrying the torch into the future, and 3) how an aspiring author can join the ranks.

Julie Tyler is a Miami-based novelist with a Ph.D. in literature from the University of Tennessee. Her whole life, she has cultivated a fierce passion for fiction and has observed its power to shape hearts and minds. Now, through her Novel Masters Academy, Tyler trains aspiring authors to write fiction that makes a difference. 

"Seahorses: Magical Creatures in Our Backyard" by Emilie Stump
The media is full of conservation stories that frighten, disempower and disengage. Emilie Stump believes that positivity and hope, not doom and gloom, will encourage more people to join in the fight to protect our oceans. She will share conservation stories about the seahorse, a funky, magical little fish that has advanced marine conservation around the world. Emilie will then introduce Nerd Nite audiences to their own local seahorses, and share about her team's current campaign to inspire and engage Miami-Dade county residents in caring for a marine jewel in their own back yard - Biscayne National Park.

Emilie Stump is a marine ecologist with a life-long passion for fishes. She has worked closely with marine fishes since her first job in high school at a locally-owned aquarium store, where she thought deeply about the animals in her care, the environment required to sustain them, and the global trade in these colorful organisms. Emilie's marine research has taken her all over the globe. Trained and mentored by ichthyologists and conservationists, she has studied fishes from the coral reefs of Indonesia to fish markets in Gabon and facilitated global initiatives to advance marine conservation. Additionally, her marine conservation and scientific illustration work has been commissioned by professionals and institutions around the world. Emilie's current work with Project Seahorse/University of British Columbia in south Florida's Biscayne National Park, generously funded by the Herbert W. Hoover Foundation, is the first to systematically survey major habitats for seahorses and pipefishes (syngnathids), and seeks to better understand which habitats are most important to these iconic species. Through this research and subsequent outreach efforts, Emilieand Project Seahorse hope to solidify the seahorse as a powerful and captivating symbol of Biscayne National Park. In her free time Emilieenjoys creating art inspired by the marine environment and the people working hard to protect it, and riding good waves.

Nerd Nite Miami is grateful to Ironhack for their support of the museum tour. Ironhack is the #2 ranked coding and design bootcamp in the world! With eight campuses all over the world, Miami is the only US location. Bootcamps range from 9-24 weeks in courses such as UXUI Design, WebDev, and the newly launched Data Analytics! Learn how you can become the next digital creator at

Full Museum Tour Dates
Wednesday, April 24 | Nerd Nite at HistoryMiami Museum
Wednesday, May 15 | Nerd Nite at Frost Science 
Thursday, June 6 | Nerd Nite at PAMM
Thursday, July 18 | Nerd Nite at WEAM
Wednesday, August 21 | Nerd Nite at Vizcaya

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