Calendar: PAMM Free Community Night: Coral City Camera

Event Description

Join Bas Fisher Invitational (BFI)Bridge Initiative, and Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) for the premiere of Coral Morphologic's Coral City Camera, a publicly accessible 360-degree livestream of a thriving, urban coral reef community, visible from a billboard floating in Biscayne Bay. In conjunction with the floating livestream, National Geographic Explorer, filmmaker, and Ph.D. student Alizé Carrère will moderate a panel discussion featuring Coral Morphologic artist/scientist duo Colin Foord and J.D. McKay, NOAA scientist Dr. Ian Enochs, and Elizabeth Wheaton, Director of the City of Miami Beach Environment & Sustainability Department. The evening will continue on the terrace with a celebration, a live set by DJ Romulo Del Castillo, and drink specials all within sight of the Ballyhoo boat, a floating billboard, that will anchor at PAMM's beach, bringing the public a rare glimpse of what lies beneath the surface.

Between February 4, coinciding with Super Bowl LIV (taking place in Miami), and docking at PAMM's beach on February 6, the Ballyhoo Media floating billboard will bring what lies beneath the water visible above the surface, illuminating Biscayne Bay's resilient biodiversity. The billboard's regular route will pass the actual research site of the live feed, strategically passing Miami's iconic beaches, the port, Venetian Islands, and many other tourist destinations.

Miami has been referred to as a canary in the coal mine with regard to global climate change. These young and resilient corals may hold the key to helping their offshore neighbors fight bleaching and habitat degradation. Projects like Coral City Camera provide much-needed inspiration for further investment in solutions to the alarming effects of a dramatically warming planet.

Future plans for Coral City Camera include adding probes to the camera that will provide critical water quality information as open-access data for students and researchers who will use it to monitor and better understand the health of North Biscayne Bay. 

In partnership with BFI, Bridge, and the Everglades Foundation, Coral City Camera will also be broadcast into classrooms across 21 school districts throughout Florida, providing an opportunity for 150,000 students to work as citizen scientists. 

Coral City Camera is part of WATERPROOF, an initiative organized by BFI and Bridge. WATERPROOF is a series of site-specific artists' projects presented in unexpected public spaces developed in direct response to the environmental issues facing South Florida, planned through 2021. Each project will present an opportunity for outreach, engagement, and action.

About the panel
Alizé Carrère is a National Geographic Explorer, filmmaker, and Ph.D. student researching and documenting human adaptations to environmental change. In 2013, Alizé received support from National Geographic to conduct research in Madagascar, where she spent several months uncovering an unlikely agricultural adaptation in response to severe deforestation. Learning of farmers who were turning erosional gullies into fertile pockets of farmland, her work evolved into a greater story of creativity and resourcefulness amongst the oft-repeated narrative of climate doom. Traveling to places as diverse as Bangladesh, Vanuatu, Norway and India, she continues to study innovative adaptations to climate change, and is working on a film that highlights the remarkable resilience of the human species. Alizé received both her B.A. and M.Sc. at McGill University, and is now pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of Miami in Ecosystem Science & Policy. Her research focuses on climate change utopias, or "climatopias": the forward-looking plans that architects, designers, and futurists are drawing up in response to imminent environmental change.

Dr. Ian Enochs is a principal investigator of ACCRETE. His research focuses on understanding the responses of corals and reef biota to global change. He is particularly interested in the impacts of warming and ocean acidification on the persistence of coral reef framework structures that provide essential habitat and support numerous ecosystem services. Enochs applies a multidisciplinary approach, conducting research in both the laboratory and the field, as well as developing new technologies to address pressing research questions. He is a co-PI of the National Coral Reef Monitoring Program, and leads several projects pertaining to the Coral Reef Conservation Program's restoration pillar and NOAA's Omics initiative. Enochs graduated cum laude from the University of Miami in 2006 and later earned his Ph.D. at RSMAS in 2010 for his research on the environmental determinants of coral reef cryptic metazoan biodiversity in Pacific Panama. Enochs is a research ecologist with the Ocean Chemistry and Ecosystems Division of NOAA's Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory in Miami.

Elizabeth Wheaton has been working with the City of Miami Beach since 2008 and over the last twelve years has served in the Public Works Department, Building Department, and the Office of the Mayor and Commission. In 2015, the Environment & Sustainability Department was created and Elizabeth was appointed as the Director. The City’s Environment & Sustainability Department, focuses on climate change mitigation and adaption efforts through the lens of sustainability, environmental resources management and urban forestry. Elizabeth also represents Miami Beach on the South Florida Climate Change Compact’s staff steering committee.

About Coral Morphologic
Marine biologist Colin Foord and musician J.D. McKay founded Coral Morphologic in Miami in 2007. The focus of their art, research, and community action is centered on pioneering urban coral communities in Biscayne Bay. After years of studying this ecosystem, they have identified populations of highly biodiverse and resilient coral communities that are colonizing the man-made infrastructure along the bay's developed areas. In conjunction with NOAA and the University of Miami's ACCRETE Lab, Coral Morphologic is studying these coral populations to better understand their apparent resistance to disease, siltation from dredging, and pollution as compared to offshore natural reefs. 

About Bas Fisher Invitational
Bas Fisher Invitational is an artist-run space dedicated to creativity, experimentation, and discourse in contemporary art, creating connections between Miami and the international art world by curating programs alternating between local and global. BFI was founded in Miami in 2004 by artists Naomi Fisher and Hernan Bas and is currently directed by Fisher.​

About Bridge Initiative
By bridging artists and scientists together, Bridge Initiative curates public art that draws attention to the impacts of climate change in unique and engaging ways. Bridge was founded by Kate Fleming after a pivotal trip to Antarctica in 2015 where she witnessed firsthand the effects of climate change. The expedition awakened a desire to spread the message of conservation and educate others on the real consequences of human impact.