Calendar: ScreenDance Miami Festival 2020

Event Description

Join PAMM and Miami Light Project for the seventh year of ScreenDance Miami. Awarded "Best Festival" in Miami New Times, ScreenDance Miami highlights choreographers and directors who are working with emerging and new concepts in regard to movement and dance on film and dance on camera.

The festival has been created to support professionals in the field and to support the development of dance created for the camera. Moving into its seventh year, the festival continues under direction by Pioneer Winter. With many skill-developing workshops, panel discussions, and screenings happening throughout Miami and Miami Beach, PAMM will host the festival's Open Call Selections portion of the festival.

ScreenDance Miami Festival 2020 - Trailer from Miami Light Project on Vimeo.

12pm | Open Call Shorts Screening, Program and Q&A

Zenu (2018)
Dir. Claudio Marcotulli, Chor. Roxana Barba, Lazaro Godoy, and Carlota Pradera
Synopsis: Seeking his muse, a troubled musician canoes deep into a lush river, entering a world of uncanny characters that takes over his life.

From Here to There (2019), World Premiere
Chor. Brigid Baker, Dir. Julien Hyvrard
Synopsis: This film documents the work of the choreographer Brigid Baker and her company wholeproject. Inspired by their process-oriented and open-ended way of working, it starts as an essay of immersion of the camera into the dance movement and becomes, in the way, a questioning on the sense of belonging.

And the People Could Fly (2019)
Dir. Roni Nicole Henderson, Chor. T. Lang Dance
Synopsis: Based on a childhood memory, And the People Could Fly reimagines an 8-year-old girl's initiation into her role as the family's deliverer. Forced from the comfort of her mother's 84' Bonneville, Nena ventures into the home of a gentrifying heroin dealer and discovers her power to truly awaken and transmute.

Total length of the program: 54 minutes

Screening followed by Q&A session.


2pm | Open Call Shorts Screening, Program II and Q&A

Muntu Child (2019), World Premiere
Chor. Shamar Watt, Dir. Natalie Marx & Lenoardo Rua
A couple, Mané (28) and Anaka (28), embark on a time-traveling journey to search for freedom. With the help of their egúns (ancestors) and the Orishas (African deities), they overcome the obstacles that separated them when crossing the desert.

Stage 3 (2019), World Premiere
Chor. Maya Billig, Enrique Villacreses (collaborator), Dir. Maya Billig
Stage 1 is falling in love, Stage 2 is being in love, and Stage 3 is... 

Have You Seen Her Now (2019), World Premiere
Chor. Megan Carvajal, Devon Kelly, Dir. Victor Quintana
This film was inspired by the strength of a female friendship. It is an ode to a new journey and finding your footing on a new path. It explores how distance forces relationships to reconfigure. The choreographers were deeply inspired by the music, local architecture, and backdrop in Coconut Grove. 

badguy (2019), World Premiere
Chor/Dir. Catie Leasca
badguy is an exploration of hyper activating the world inside of a curated, self-made bubble. 

Strategic Retreat (2018), Florida Premiere
Chor/Dir. Marta Renzi
Leaving their treehouse retreat, a couple rides their bicycles into controversy—Confederate monuments, an anti-gun march—then returns to a sanctuary, changed. 

itsy bitsy (2015)
Chor/Dir. Lisa Kusanagi & JuJu Kusanagi
According to research, there are nine different types of intelligence: naturalistic, musical, logical-mathematical, existential, interpersonal, bodily-kinesthetic, linguistic, intrapersonal, and spatial. Kusanagi Sisters question alternative types of intelligence not previously defined.

Embodiment (2019), Florida Premiere
Chor. Madeline Jazz Harvey, Dir. Madeline Jazz Harvey, Brian Buss, Kate Wyman,
Embodiment is a poignant exploration of the psychological, emotional, and physical journey of pregnancy through dance.

Escuchar (2019), Florida Premiere
Dir/Chor. Angela Ramakis
A choreographer's mind is always at play. Can't knock the habit, nor the love of music and movement.

Nostalgia in Domicella (2019), US Premiere
Dir. Carla Forte & Alexey Taran, Chor. Alexey Taran
Nostalgia in Domicella explores emotions and loneliness in a small town in Italy.

Total Length of Program: 44 minutes

Screening followed by Q&A session.


Pioneer Winter is a Miami-based choreographer, and director of the Pioneer Winter Collective. His Collective provides a platform for risk-taking, progressive, and experimental projects by democratizing performance through unexpected bodies, unexpected places, and unexpected social change. Through his Collective, Winter also directs/produces several programs, including Leaders of Equality through Arts and Performance (LEAP), for LGBTQ-identifying teens and their allies that focuses on using the arts for activism and social change; and the Grass Stains fellowship, a site-specific performance initiative that mentors and commissions artists interested in creating site-based and public artwork in Miami through a close collaboration with acclaimed site choreographer Stephan Koplowitz.

In 2016, he was appointed director of Tigertail Production's ScreenDance Miami Festival and has continued as director with its transition to Miami Light Project's programming. His own film works have been screened at festivals internationally, most recently in the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival, LA Dance Film Festival, ScreenDance Miami, Miami Film Festival, Cucalorus Film Festival, Corvallis Queer Film Festival, Tiny Dance Film Festival, Chicago Feminist Film Festival, Jacksonville Dance Film Festival, Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes y Arte sobre Enfermedades in Valencia, Spain, and American Dance Festival's Movies by Movers.

A Horatio Alger Scholar, he is an alumnus of the Florida International University Honors College, and holds a Masters in Public Health and Epidemiology. Winter completed a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography from Jacksonville University/White Oak, as the first artist to be named a Dennis R. Washington Achievement Scholar. He was a Dance Miami Choreographic Program recipient (2014-2015) and Miami Goes Elsewhere Fellowship recipient (2016), and is a fellow and faculty member in the FIU Honors College Department. He was also awarded a commission and residency for the inaugural 2017-2018 season of the MDC Live Arts Lab Alliance.