Calendar: Virtual PAMM Free Second Saturdays: Mom-ument

Event Description

Join PAMM Teen Arts Council (PTAC) for an afternoon of art-making on Instagram Live just in time for Mother’s Day. Look around and use “found objects” as materials to create a sculpture in celebration and gratitude of the women who have helped us become who we are.

So often we look at our mother figures as pillars of strength—as unmoving, solid pillars of support. We may view our mother figures as monumental figures of strength, as a shoulder to cry on, or as an unwavering friend. Regardless, we learn to look up to our maternal figures with admiration and wonderment. Much in the same way, Leonardo Drew's sculptures have an imposing, powerful presence. They maintain this impression despite the withered, highly treated materials he works with. Drew uses purposely chosen raw materials which he then treats with processes of aging and decay. Yet they still come together to create awe-inspiring works. It is this same fortitude that you should try to capture with your art making activity. A common interpretation of Leonardo Drew's Number 163 is that it is a towering, yet somehow divided cityscape. Try to encapsulate your mother as a skyscraper or otherwise tall building using found objects from around your home. — Austin San Juan, PTAC Member