Calendar: Live Virtual Local Views at PAMM: VantaBlack

Event Description

Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is dedicated to showcasing excellence in international modern and contemporary art while highlighting our unique perspective at the crossroads of the Americas. We highlight Miami-based artists both in our collection and on a monthly basis by way of Local Views at PAMM. As we adjust to functioning in a digital sphere, PAMM remains dedicated to Miami-based artists and is excited to offer our Local Views at PAMM series weekly, highlighting PAMM teaching artists. Artists will discuss their artistic practice, their creative process, and how it relates to the museum.

This week will feature PAMM Teaching Artist Chire Regans, known as "VantaBlack". Catch this Live Virtual Local Views series on @PAMM Instagram Live

Chire Regans "VantaBlack" was born in Saint Louis, Missouri and lived there until her family relocated to Miami in the late 1980s. Crime was out of control in Saint Louis and Miami was viewed as a refuge of sorts by her mother. Her passion for art began soon after. After graduating from Florida A&M University, Regans began to focus primarily on drawing from life and portraiture. As societal issues began to weigh heavily on her conscience, a message took shape behind the imagery. The emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement pushed her art in the direction of social awareness and change. Regans serves on the Community Relations Board's Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Committee and works as a teaching artist at PAMM. Regans is a proud mother, visual artist, truth-teller, and community advocate.