Calendar: Live Virtual Local Views at PAMM: Samantha Oakey

Event Description

Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is dedicated to showcasing excellence in international modern and contemporary art while highlighting our unique perspective at the crossroads of the Americas. We highlight Miami-based artists both in our collection and on a monthly basis by way of Local Views at PAMM. Catch this Live Virtual Local Views at PAMM series weekly. Artists will discuss their artistic practice, their creative process, and how it relates to the museum.

This week will feature PAMM Teaching Artist Samantha Oakey. Catch this Live Virtual Local Views series on PAMM Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

About Samantha Oakey
Samantha Oakey was born in Orlando, FL in 1996. Her family moved to Homestead in 2000 where she grew up and lived until 2015. Through a childhood marked by financial struggles, the faith her parents passed onto her has greatly shaped her personal development and the course of her professional journey. Her faith in Christ informs every aspect of her life and is the driving force behind her artmaking practice. The years her family spent unemployed and living in others' homes are the root of her work's exploration of her identity through the lenses of place and home, as well as change and entropy. Amidst financial strain and tenuous living situations, she graduated from Design & Architecture Senior High in 2013 and went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from FIU in 2017. She joined PAMM as a Visitor Services Assistant in 2018 and began working with the Education department in 2019 as a Teaching Artist. Samantha is propelled by an intense passion to both seek and share knowledge with others. A source of continued inspiration and encouragement are the many teachers in her family that support her growth and development as an artist, educator and mentor.