Calendar: Live Virtual Local Views at PAMM: Janessa Melendez

Event Description

Join us digitally for our tour program, Local Views at PAMM, where select local artists will speak about their creative process and artistic practice. This week, Janessa Melendez will lead the tour on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Janessa Melendez was born in Brooklyn, New York, and over the years has been blessed to call several places home. As an artist, Melendez pulls her inspiration first and foremost from her experiences of being a teacher in both early childhood and art education. Over the years, she has built her teaching career here in Miami through project-based learning and later explored alternative teaching styles such as Reggio Emilia in Baltimore Maryland. As an art studio teacher in this educational style, Melendez learned to approach her students with an objective standpoint. Students' individual needs and development became an important part of the success in her teaching environment during those years and inspired her to approach her painting studio practice using a similar objective perspective toward subject matter and material. She earned a BFA at the University of Miami and along with her formal study and experience in education she has continued to probe the duality her work plays in cognitive thought and sensory interaction. The investigation of various disciplines, learning new materials, and teaching others to see or find their own aesthetic voice is the true satisfaction and success she lives for.​